If you’ve had a broken tooth or chipped teeth then you know what the real meaning of pain. The intense bolting and jolting pain caused by either cold or hot and just being awake many times can produce the kind of pain that will bring sweat to your brow.

Fortunately breaking or cracking a tooth is not something that happens very often because teeth are amazingly powerful
and the fact that they are so hard to break often gives people the illusion that they are indestructible, but that is definitely not the case.

There are several culprits waiting to ambush your teeth. And many times it’s like the old adage of hitting the rock several times and the accumulation of the strikes on a rock eventually causes the rock to split. But the “hammer” when it comes to your teeth is disguised as things such as: ice, tough candy, nuts, etc., and the other culprit is the inescapable effects of gravity.

What do I mean? Falling, or getting knocked down or getting your tooth knocked in in one fashion or another. Today’s active lifestyles including
skating and skateboarding as well as many team sports such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, gymnastics etc all presents potential broken tooth opportunities. Even with mouth guards there is no guaranteeing that you will not end up in dull or excruciating pain from a cracked tooth.

The symptoms of broken teeth could be very subtle. Many instances a damaged tooth will appear as a hair line fracture or microscopic crack working vertically down the tooth. If you’re having regular dental check ups this may be detected before the super intense pain starts. Though this type of harm might be undetectable to the bare eye.

These generally manifest in a number of manners including susceptibility to sour or tacky food and excessive temperatures. The unpredictable pain that may occur while you’re enjoying a meal is just another common symptom of a busted tooth. But the fact that it does not create pain consistently often lulls a person into a sense of false security, but pain of any type in your teeth is not normal and should be investigated by a dentist.

Check list of Broken Teeth Signs:

If you suspect you have a small crack or damaged teeth in any fashion (typically manifested by the sharp shooting pain in your jaw or tooth because of the irritated nerve) then you should seek emergency dental help. Using a severely fractured or broken tooth the hurting is mainly steady as the nerve is possibly damaged by injury or continuously subjected to irritants like atmosphere and moisture such as whatever you may drink and even your own saliva.

The manifestations of a cracked tooth can differ based on the particular situation. Common outward indications of damaged or cracked teeth contain:

– Discomfort while eating just about any type of meal
– Susceptibility to warm and cold stimuli
– Impulsive shooting pain
– Annoyance to the tongue or cheek resulting from rough or sharp-edged tooth

Occasionally, a cracked or fractured tooth might be difficult to diagnose because not one of the classic outward indications of broken teeth are found. In such cases, come to Grove City Dental and we’ll use modern dentistry technology such as digital dental x rays which is a comfortable way to discover the culprits.

A damaged tooth, unlike a busted bone, doesn’t mend with time. A cracked tooth could be lurking in your mouth right now and if caught prior to it becoming a major challenge then it most often will save you some serious pain and discomfort and in many instances it may make it easier on your wallet too.

The final conclusion can be summed up with the wisdom of “an ounce of “borken tooth” prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Broken tooth pain is not always going to require a root canal, but it will require a qualified emergency dentist who treats patients in Grove City and Columbus Ohio area and that means you want Grove City Dental to help you today.

Let Grove City Dental either help you get out of the emergency dental pain you’re suffering or help you prevent getting in pain to begin with. Grove City Dental is accepting new patients and will treat you in a non-judgmental manner even if you’ve not been to the dentist for years and years and years. We’ll help, just give us a call and your broken tooth worries will become a thing of the past. Call today.


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