Dental Benefits: Grove City Dental dentist Scott Schumann Shares Insights for Grove City and Columbus area residents.

Dental benefits do not roll over! I know, you would think that if you pay for insurance benefits that are not used then you would hope that they could accumulate

or roll over to the next year because you’ve paid for the service that was not used, but that is not the case.

If you want dental benefits then you must use them

before they expire during the calendar year. Your

dental benefits are many times paid for directly out of

your paycheck so by not maximizing your insurance

benefits you are basically doing the same as

driving down the road and throwing your money out the

window of your car. Does that sound painful to you?

It sounds painful to me!

I’m sure you’d agree that we all work to earn our

dollars and since you’ve worked to get the dental

benefits then it only makes sense that you’d use them

before you lose them!

When I ask people why they don’t use their benefits for

insurance they usually say they either were too busy or

they just didn’t think they were in need of any dental

care, but I can assure you that if you have not

recently had your teeth professionally cleaned then you

are running the risk of having bacteria building up in

your mouth. This bacteria is extremely active and

effective when it comes to attacking your teeth and

your gums.

Regular brushing your teeth is very

important, but just like when you go to the car wash

you know your car looks better and is more clean, the

car wash never gets your car as clean as when you get

your car detailed and waxed by a professional.

So at the very least you need to use your dental

benefits to get a professional cleaning of your teeth.

And even if you need more dental work, you are not

obligated to get it done just because you come into

Grove City Dental to get your teeth cleaned. Our job as

your best dentist choice in Grove City is to share with

you what we find and what your dental needs are, and

your job is to tell us what you want to do about your

dental health.

Dental benefits most often don’t cover very much in

terms of benefits, but if you had somebody willing to

pay a portion of your dental bill then that is better

than not having it right?

Grove City Dental works hard to help you maximize your

dental insurance benefits and gets you the maximum best

dental care for your insurance dollars.

We would love to serve you just like we have served so

many others here in the Columbus, Grove City, Ohio

area. My staff and I look forward to meeting you and

your family.




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