Bone – Dental Implant Success Could be Improved by Creating Protein

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Dental implants are amazing. I say that because dental implants can significantly improve the quality of a patient’s life due to several reasons. The implant is a more permanent solution because it anchors into the bone. The anchoring into the bone not only makes the structure stronger, but it actually can stimulate bone growth which has a significant aesthetic impact. The way your face looks because of bone loss will really cause your face to look much older. You’ve probably seen the sunken in look around somebody’s mouth who has dentures and this look is due to bone loss that can be significantly decreased if dental implants are in use.

Grove City Dental provides dental implant dentistry and I’m excited to be able to say that we’ve done this for years. At the same time I am always looking for ways to improve the success of dental implants and to that end I not too long ago came across this information below. This information is from another source, but I found it exciting and thought that if you’re thinking about dental implants in the Columbus, Ohio or Grove City, Ohio area then you too may find this information to be of interest. Enjoy!
***Not long ago it was found that making use of a bone – creating protein to enhance the maxillary sinus could improve dental implant success, according to Georgia Health Sciences University scientists.

Dental implants, permanent prosthetic teeth that are anchored by screws, won’t function when the bone by which they’re moored is also slim. Bone – thinning is a effect and common trigger following tooth loss. The present favorite answer would be to supplement the region with bone grafts to strengthen the bottom.

But that method is debatable “chiefly because it entails additional operations to pick the bone,” said Doctor. Ulf M.E. Wikesj, Interim Associate Dean for Research and Business in the GHSU School of Dental Medicine.

In animal studies, he and his group at the GHSU Lab for Applied Periodontal and Craniofacial Regeneration discovered that implanting bone morphogenetic proteins in the nose more new bone may form within a month than making use of standard bone grafting at exactly the same website.

“We found that BMP induced superior bone quality over that following bone grafts, which enhances the probabilities for successful implants,” Wikesj said. “BMP is exceptional, because it is really a true, off-the-shelf merchandise with simplicity that may create actual effects, and it may be the new gold standard for this process.”

Based on the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 69% of adults ages 35 – 44 have misplaced at least one tooth because of rot, infection or injury, and 26 all permanent teeth have been lost by percent of adults by age 74. Before dental implants were accessible, the just alternatives for changing these missing teeth were dental bridges and veneers, both which can lead to additional bone loss. Implants offer sufferers with several advantages, including enhanced dental health, look, language, convenience, sturdiness and ability to consume.

The conclusions of his team’s pilot study were offered March 4 in the School of Osseointegration annual conference in Washington, D.C. Wikesj’s GHSU co-researchers include Drs. Jaebum Lee, Cristiano Susin, Nancy Rodriguez and Jamie p Stefano.***

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