Dental Insurance in Grove City, Ohio 43123Dental Insurance Columbus, Ohio.  What You Really Need to Know Part 2

If you did not read Dental Insurance, What You Really Need To Know Part 1 then you really should read that before you read Part 2.

Most dental insurance Columbus, Ohio plans specify how many of certain types of procedures they will consider annually.  These include “cleanings”, periodontal (gum and bone) treatments, x-rays, and examinations, because these are the types of services that many people regularly need.  Since they are “in demand” the carrier wants to limit how many they will cover.  If they did not limit their payment toward these procedures, the employer’s premiums would be much higher.  A way to think about this might be to compare dental insurance Columbus, Ohio benefits to what is covered under your car insurance.  Now bare with me on this comparison of dental insurance Columbus, Ohio and your car insurance because I truly believe it will help you get the right perspective.

Accidents and damage to the car are typically covered; not replacement of windshield wiper blades, oil changes, or tires. Why is this? Replacement of wiper blades, oil, and tires occur frequently and would be expensive to include in any policy. Damage to a car, less frequently.

There are some benefit plans that require a person to select a dentist from list.  Usually the dentists in Grove City, Ohio who are on the list have also agreed to a contract with the benefit plan.  These contracts have restrictions and requirements.  If you choose a dentist on the list, you may pay less toward your dental care than if you choose a dentist not on the list.  However, if a dentist is not on a list, this does not mean that something is wrong with the dentist or the office.  It may simply mean that the dentist is not comfortable with the plan’s restrictions. In other words, to be confined in treatment options as defined by an insurance company that is not looking at the patients needs in order to obtain a 100% healthy mouth is not the reason most dentists went to school. They went to school in order to diagnose, and treat according to what they discover, not according to what an insurance company says they are willing to pay. Does that make sense? Just imagine if you had to have open heart surgery and the doctor said “I’ll be able to take care of half of the clogged arteries, but the other half will just have to wait because insurance will only pay for the first half…” Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

If you are wondering about your dental insurance columbus, Ohio coverage, a good place to start is the Employee Benefits Coordinator where you work.  They will likely have the answers you are looking for. In addition, if you are unhappy with your dental insurance columbus, Ohio, or if you feel you are not getting the proper benefits, they  the best place to go to with your concerns.  Most employers want their employers to receive the benefits for which they are paying.  If the insurance is not paying correctly, they want to know.

Whether your insurance plan pays a little or a lot toward your dental treatment, it helps.  However, it is a mistake to let your benefit plan tell you what treatment you should have. Your dentist has the responsibility of recommending treatment you need, your insurance plan has the responsibility of limiting payments.

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