I was glancing through some websites when I came across a blog entry that was talking about low cost dental insurance programs. So I thought I would see what it was all about. Some of the content was right on target, but sadly most of the content is a big reason why most people are misinformed about dental insurance.

To start with in our office we tell our patients that unfortunately ‘dental insurance’ is more like a ‘dental coupon’. Here’s why I say that. Dental coverages have not been updated since the

1960’s. Think about that for a second. Dental insurance is basically covering the costs for dental care back in the 1960’s!! The cost of living in general has increased, most other insurances have increased to cover the increased medical expenses associated with the advances in technology and those same type of advances and some would argue even more advances have occurred in dental technology, but yet the insurance is only paying for 1960 coverage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of some coverage is better than no coverage, but I must confess that it is frustrating for me to see my patients that I care about on a personal level who need to have dental procedures for gum disease or the need for dentures or implants in grove city or other surrounding areas think that their out of date dental insurance  will pay for everything except for their deductible. Unfortunately, when people read the fine print they discover that dental insurance is the king of minimal necessary procedures. It is not uncommon for dental insurance to only want to pay for black fillings that are ugly and extremely unattractive. We don’t put black fillings in our patient’s mouths. God did not put black teeth in and we think that we should follow his lead when it comes to the color of teeth.

Here’s a portion of the blog that I read: “Ask for low cost dental insurance quotes, comparison shop carefully and make the final decision only when you re 100% that this is what you need.”Okay, here’s my problem with this statement. How does the average person know what they need in terms of dental insurance? I understand  the concept, but without an evaluation how would you have any idea of what is really going on inside of your mouth? Most people would be better off going to their dentist and getting a full mouth comprehensive exam and then going back to look at what dental coverage will help with what is needed.

Here is more of what was in the blog: “If you get dental insurance through your employer, you need to assure yourself that you are receiving a low cost dental plan which offers coverage for your exact dental needs.” Once again how would you know what your exact dental needs are if you don’t see a qualified dentist? If you live in Grove City and need to see a dentist in Grove City then you should take advantage of our new patient offer. Here’s more from the blog: “Low cost dental insurance plans offer coverage for basic dental care including X-rays, professional dental cleanings, and regular checkups. This is also called preventative dental plan, and if you keep up with all the required checkups, you will be able to maintain good oral health.” Now this part is pretty much on target. Two key components. “if you keep uw with all the required checkups” and the other thing that was left out is after you get the exam you will need to follow through with the required dental care based upon what was discovered when you had the exam. Most people don’t. So unfortunately their dental health deteriorates and it ends up costing more money to get to a 100% healthy mouth.

The bottom line is that your smile and the health of your teeth determines a tremendous amount of the quality of your life. If you can’t eat the foods you like or if you’re embarrassed to smile then an insurance company should not be the one making the decision on what type of dental care you seek. You should be in control of this. And if costs are an issue we have financing options to help you. Your teeth should be a priority and let Grove City Dental help you get the smile you deserve. If you have a tooth ache or if you need dentures or even if you want teeth whitening in Grove City, Ohio Grove City Dental is the best choice for you. Don’t just take my word for it give us a chance to prove it. You’ll love your Grove City Dental experience. – See more at: http://grovecitydental.com/blog/dental-insurance-explained-grove-city-dentist-dr-scott-schumann-dds/#sthash.s9NQ0jzw.dpuf


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