It’s really no surprise that what you put in your mouth will affect what happens to you teeth. But sadly most people really don’t understand that the things going into their

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mouth really are extremely harmful to their teeth. The plain reason why is not apathy, but it is due to the fact that the damage occurs over time. If your teeth would scream each time you put something in your mouth then for many people they would have screaming teeth pretty much each time they eat. But once a toothache occurs or in other words, when you tooth actually does start screaming then the damage is usually done and your options are either deal with the screaming or come see me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love for you to come see me, but It is always better to see me because you are doing things to prevent your teeth from getting to the point of screaming, than it is to see me to have the screaming stopped.

So I wanted to share with you some things that you can do to help yourself obtain a Cavity-Free Mouth.

The big influence in this pursuit is your diet. Now, I have a confession. My diet could be better in a number of different ways and I’m a dentist, so please know that what I’m sharing is not meant to be judgemental or accussatory or anything other than to help you to make the best decisions that you can for the health of your teeth and your body.

Here’s how it works. It is a documented fact that all human beings have bacteria (germs) in our mouths. The damage to your teeth otherwise known as “Decay” or the ‘breaking down of the tooth’s surface and subsequent desease of your tooth’ happens when certain types of these germs does it’s own breaking down and what the bacteria does is turns sugar into a very harmful and damaging acid. When the acid is produced it then attacks your teeth and you don’s necessarily see it or feel it often until the damage is done and you have decay.

But, your bodies’ defense to this situation is actually your saliva. Believe it or not, your saliva neutralizes most of the acids produced by the germs, but the amount of time it takes for your saliva to completely do it’s job still gives the acid more than enough time to start the damaging decay process. But this constant repitition of cycles of acid engulfing your teeth and the saliva working full time to completely neutralize the acidic effect and when you factor in the amount of times you eat or drink stuff that has damaging sugars in it then it is easy to figure out that your teeth are exposed for extended hours on a daily basis it is easier to understand how decay is hiding in the mouths of a lot of people…without them even knowing.

Now that’s the bad news. The good news is that with regular check ups and professional cleanings you can most often stay ahead or at least keep pace with the harmful acids. But if you choose to not do whats necessary then you are destined for the need to have multiple fillings and your teeth will be screaming at you…it’s only a matter of time. And without fail, it is easier on your wallet, your teeth, your emotions, and your pain receptors to have the regular checkups and cleanings than it is to have to come in and have fillings or root canals or…?

And if you’re in the group of people who are simply more cavity prone than others then you already know that you will need to visit even more often.

But your diet is the biggest influence that you have control over and that is why you need to know that what goes into your mouth will eventually be the multiplier of what kind of ‘money’ you’ll be putting into your mouth!

Since is the terrible news. The good thing is that with routine examinations and expert cleanings you may usually remain ahead or at the very least maintain pace with the dangerous chemicals. But when you decide not to do whats essential then you are meant for the requirement to own several fillings and your teeth may be crying at you…it’s just a matter of time. And without fail, it is simpler on your own budget, your teeth, your feelings, and your pain receptors to have the normal examinations and cleanings than it would be to have to come in and have fillings or main waterways or…?

And when you are within the group who are just more hole prone than the others then you know that you will have to see even more frequently.

But your diet is the largest impact that you have control over and that is the reason why you require to understand that what goes in to orally may ultimately be the multiplier of what sort of ‘money’ you’ll be placing into orally!

Let’s take a closer look at the sugary culprits of decay: The sugary treats are the clear types like sweets, lozenges, cough drops, but this includes beverages with sugars including soft drinks, juice, coffee or tea with sugar and the one which attracts many folks off shield is most sports drinks like Gatorade etc are actually dangerous for your teeth (The ph ranges in other phrases the chemicals in the sports drinks are actually dangerous for your teeth… You might continue longer in the sports events, but quickly you’ll be picking up your dentures…Not actually, but you get the idea). Here’s another shocker: “Was you aware  that the big McDonald’s Coke has 22 teaspoons of sugars? (Just image the heap of sugars you are placing into your mouth…1 teaspoon…2 teaspoons…3…up to 22!!!) AND THAT’s NOT ALL…. It’s full of acid too, which really wreaks havoc in your mouth.

Decay can be actually reduced by some sugarless gums sweetened with Xylitol.

And if you are addicted to one of the super ‘bad for you drinks’ then to minimize the exposure to your teeth you should use a straw and brush your teeth as soon as possible after drinking the ‘bad for you drink’ and if you can’t brush right away then at least rinse your mouth with water in order to give your saliva a little less to have to work on. Fair enough?


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