Grove City Dental always has the goal of helping our patients achieve “100% healthy mouths”. As their dentist I feel the obligation to provide what I would provide to my brother or sister if they were in need of dental care. That is one of the reasons I always try to give patients at Grove City Dental what we call “Good, Better, Best”. In other words, we try to prove what would be a good option for them to take and this option will be affordable dentistry and help maximize the dental insurance benefits if they have any and of all the options it will require the least out of pocket investement to help the patient. The next option we make available is a better option in terms of probably will last longer and have a more cosmetically appealing look and of course the better option will also maximize dental benefits if they are available. And the best option is what would be ideal for the patient because it will get the patient closest to where they were prior to the need of dental care. The investment in your dental health will be a bit higher for the best, but the length of time as well as the enhanced quality of life far and away exceeds the investment. A great example would be if a patient was a candidate for dentures. The care we take to provide the most visually appealing as well as functional dentures is one of the many trademarks of the Grove City Dental way. We take pride in providing custom dentures that fit as well as pass the visual test of the people closest to our patients. Yet, dentures by themself can be made much better for the patient if they qualify for dental implants. And there are times when just the dental implants may be a better option than full dentures. But the bottom line is if dental implants are an option our patients are much better off taking this option. They last longer than other options and they have significant healing aspects that allows for your body to reduce bone loss. Regular custom dentures do not have this healing property. Plus, the ability to eat foods with your dentures that are snapped into a dental implant drastically increases the quality of life for our patients in terms of increased ability to taste foods because there is no need for a pallet on the denture often when utilizing dental implants along with dentures, but the increased confidence in public is hard to put a value on. There are many more medically measurable as well as quality of life aspects that come into play when selecting the “best” option for dental care. But we do recognize that not everybody can invest in the best option for dental care in Grove City by taking advantage of Grove City Dental offers. And that’s okay

300px-Dental_implant_Dental implant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. We do offer flexible financing options which helps most of our patients get the care they desire. And we also recognize that ‘Rome was not built over night’ and a dental program can be provided over a span of time. The long story short, Grove City Dental works very hard to meet our patients where they are by providing the good, better, best options to achieve 100% healthy mouth.

If you have questions about your current dental needs or if you’d like to come in for a visit to discover what your good, better, best dental options are then we’d love to earn your business. We never take our patients for granted and we genuinely value you as our patient. Give us a call today.


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