300px-PeriodontalbonelossAs a dentist in Grove City, Ohio I often treat patients who see dentists in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas if the patient is looking for specialized services because Grove City Dental provides a high level of patient care. Yet, I’m still surprised at how people with missing teeth, who either use removable dentures or don’t seek treatment at all, live on average close to ten years less than people who have dental implants.

Yes, you read that right, research has demonstrated that patients who have removable dentures or for those folks who don’t seek treatment may have a shorter life span.

Much of the reason for that is that they just can’t chew with the full force of natural teeth – they may have as little as 10% of their original chewing force.  Dental implants, on the other hand, give you 90% of that chewing force – enabling a patient to eat  much as they did before they lost their teeth.

Some other important facts about living with missing teeth:

*    The link between the loss of teeth from gum disease and the increased risk of stroke and heart attack has been well researched.  When teeth are lost, the damage the gum disease created doesn’t go away and the body has been permanently weakened.

*    People without teeth spend approximately 17% more on drugs due to increased health issues.

*    With missing teeth, there is evidence of an increased rate of stomach and intestinal disorders due to the patient’s inability to chew properly.

*    Due to a loss of function and diminished sense of taste, full denture patients suffer from a higher rate of systemic disease that affects the whole body.

*    When people experience embarrassment or self-consciousness while smiling or speaking due to the movement of their dentures, their levels of self-esteem sink and they begin to negatively change the way they act or think about themselves.

If you or someone you love have missing teeth or removable dentures that make it difficult to chew, implants can be an amazing solution.

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