Millions of individuals depend on dentures to smile confidently, speak comfortably, and consume foods that could be hard with missing teeth. They’re worn every day and demand attention and constant cleaning to maintain them in good shape. If handled carelessly while dentures are generally long lasting, they may become damaged.

300px-Occclusal_denture_exampleEnglish: Occlusal of complete denture, example. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a consequence of dropping them or biting on hard foods the majority of the damage that’s done to dentures occurs.Sadly, a good number of times the dentures are dropped is when they fall out of the denture wearer’s mouth. This is obviously extremely embarrassing, but in addition it creates a psychological challenge for the person wearing dentures because they live in fear of being in public and the fear of the chance that their dentures may fall out again. So the actual possible physical damage to the denture is the least of the challenge.

Yet, if the denture does fall and hit a hard surface this could create a chipped or even a cracked foundation of the dentures. When this occurs, wearing them can be uneasy and awkward and actually excruciatingly painful. The physical pain is a constant fuel to he psychological stress of knowing the denture may fall out again. Imagine living in constant fear of an embarrassing episode. But this fear can be resolved by Grove City Dental. We’re here to help you in a non-judgmental environment. We know that nobody ever intended to have to get dentures, but sometimes life just happens so we always make you feel comfortable and not embarrassed regarding any aspect of your dental care. In fact, many clients stop in just to say ‘hi’ even if they don’t have an appointment. They often stop in to share stories of how they have received compliments about their smile and how they look more youthful and vibrant and confident and this can be you too.

One if the challenges many people face is that they are just uncomfortable with change. We understand. But old dentures that are aged and have been worn for a long time are at a greater risk. Modern dentistry has come up with many innovative and affordable ways to either fix extensive damaged dentures if it happens or help you get a custom denture that would be comfortable and gives you the confident smile you deserve. And with many of the new innovative dentistry options you can even return to eating some of your favorite foods such as corn on the cob and even a steak in a crowed restaurant without the fear of any embarrassing denture mishaps.

Dentures are not what ‘mother nature’ provided for you, but with modern dentistry and the innovative techniques provided at Grove City Dental you will soon be back to as close to what ‘mother nature’ provided and back to enjoying the quality of life you deserve. In fact, many of our patients rave about how great food tastes now with custom dentures by Grove City Dental because many old fashioned dentures actually stops you from being able to taste and enjoy foods the way mother nature intended. The video below will give you a bit more information about dentures before and after getting dentures, but to get a free no obligation consultation to discover just how you too can get the smile and quality of life you deserve please call Grove City Dental at 614-808-1700.


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