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Emergency Dentist In Grove City? Which Sedation & Emergency Dentist In Grove City Get’s Rave Reviews?

Is there an emergency dentist in the house? I’ve never heard that question asked, but you hear the quote “is there a doctor in the house?” on TV and I always wonder why they never say that about dentists? When you consider the amount of tooth aches or kid’s breaking teeth you’d think that somewhere in a movie or on TV that they’d sneak that line in there-Right?

I’m just kidding… a little bit. But what I’m about to say is not a joking matter.

When you run a business you have to wear a lot of different hats. One of the hats that never comes off is the ‘coaching’ hat because working with a team requires constant coaching. And I must confess that coaching, although very difficult, it is one of the most fulfilling roles I play.

In fact, I constantly tell people how proud I am of my Grove City Dental staff. My success is their success and their success is my success and that’s really how we fuel our team’s goals and achievements.

Grove City Dental does sedation dentistry. In fact, in Grove City, Ohio and the Greater Columbus, Ohio area we are well known as a leading sedation dentistry provider. The sedation dentist’ s office requires many moving parts and the Grove City dentist’s office that has qualified dentists as well as trained, experienced and qualified staff is the sedation dentist you want to go to. And Grove City Dental meets those requirements and exceeds them too!

But we do quite a bit of emergency dental dentistry in Grove City,  Ohio.  Emergency dental work is actually one of the areas that my team really ‘shines’. The reason for this is emergency dental care such as removing a tooth because you have a tooth ache in Grove City or if you need a root canal or some other emergency dentist care requires a great team that can adjust their schedule and make you feel right at home.

But don’t just take my recommendation for an emergency dentist in Grove city, listen to what one of our recent patients had to say about Grove City Dental emergency dentist work and our Grove City Dental staff:

” The first at grove city dental are wonderful. From t he time I called, they helped the process go so easy. They helped me get financing before my appointment. Adina was wonderful. Brooke did my new patient, in was in pain and she was so gentle with every step…..it was so easy and fast….I would and will let everyone know where to go fo the best treatment. Thanks Dr. Schumann and staff”

Sheila G.

Her written statement is in our office along with several other statements that are very similar to hers. Can I share a secret with you?  Here it is:

I LOVE to hear people brag about the Grove City Dental staff because I brag about them too!

And the best part of the bragging is it is all true!

That’s why you should come see for yourself how different and great a dental visit can be. Come to Grove City, Ohio 43123 and become a new patient at Grove City Dental. We would love to earn your business by showing you the Grove City Dental award-winning staff. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t what you to have to have an emergency dental situation come up just so that you can see how amazing my Grove City Dental staff is. In fact, I would rather you come for your regular teeth cleaning which can help us to help you not experience certain types of emergency dentist care needs. But, ‘God Forbid’ if you do have need for an emergency dentist then I would like for you to feel the same way that Sheila feels about Grove City Dental located right here in Grove City.

Thank you so much Sheila for sharing your thoughts about Grove City Dental. I promise you that we will continue to work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.


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