The End Of Dental Anxiety and Fear Of The Dentist In Grove City?

It is not a surprise to anyone that there are a good amount of people who are afraid to go to the dentist.

I’m a dentist in Grove City and I understand where the majority of the fear comes from. Truthfully, I

don’t blame people for their fears. And at the same time, I do work hard to help people discover that

the majority of the fear of dentists is rooted in some of the old dental practices and NOT the new

modern dentistry methods.

For example, Grove City Dental offers sedation dentistry which allows our patients to

basically snooze through a dental appointment and this allows me as their dentist to

do a lot of dental work in one or two visits. Sedation dentistry is really probably even

better than I tell people, but you would expect me to say that because I’m the dentist here

at Grove City Dental. So don’t take my word for it. Here is word-for-word, what one of our

patients recently shared in writing regarding thier Grove City Dental experience:

“I have suffered with anxiety of the dentist for as long as I can remember. But comin in to Grov City Dental has been a God Send!

I needed a lot of cavity work but couldn’t handle the anxiety of coming to the dentist and sitting through any kind of dental

care. They told me that they offer sedation and I was ecstatic. Finally, a dentist office that made me feel comfortable

and not ashamed! The staff is all super friendly and never made me feel bad about my mouth. Thank you Grove City Dental!

You’re the BEST!!”


Thank you Becky. We’re excited to hear that you’re excited about our services and we appreciate you sharing your excitement.

So, there you have it. Not my words, but straight from a patient just like you who had

a great Grove City Dental experience. I’m not saying that Grove City Dental is perfect because

we’re not. Not by a long shot. But I will tell you that my staff and I genuinely care about

our patients and we do try hard to make sure that your Grove City Dental experiance is just

like what Becky had. We would love to earn your business so if you’re needing a dentist that

is not your typical ‘dentist’ then Grove City Dental offers a professional friendly none-judgemental

environment and the top level dental equipment all designed to make your visit as

pleasant as possible.

We have a lot of patients who willingly put into writing what they experienced here at Grove City Dental.

Why? Because they want you to have the great Grove City Dental experience too.

If you’re like so many people who are afraid of going to the dentist then sedation dentistry at

Grove City Dental could be the answer to your prayers. Give us a call and let us share with you

how sedation dentistry and Grove City Dental can have you smiling from ear-to-ear just like Becky

does now. Call 614-808-1700 today. – See more at:


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