Get the facts about gums disease in hopes of saving your teeth for the ‘long haul’, and effectively assisting in the shielding of your health from several extremely serious and life threatening illnesses that have been linked to the health of your gums.

The saying little things can make a big difference can really be applied to taking the necessary care to have healthy gums. There are a lot of myths and mistruths about gum disease and here is a list of some of the most common myths or false beliefs relating to the health of your gums.

False belief: Tooth decline is a very natural a part of ageing and there is nothing can be done to stop “father time” from this.
Fact: With great oral cleanliness and normal professional attention, teeth can endure for a very long time. Left untreated, periodontitis can bring about tooth reduction> it’s the most important source of tooth reduction in adults ages 35 and above.

False belief: Gum diseaser/disorder doesn’t have much influence on your general health.
Fact: Periodontal disease is linked by research to health conditions including heart and respiratory illnesses; pre-term, low-birth-weight babies; stroke; osteoporosis; and diabetes.

False belief: Gums disease is a mild illness.
Fact: Gums disease isn’t a small-scale illness. Its conclusion if left untreated by a professional such as what you’ll find here at Grove City Dental will result in tooth loss, causing dramatic modifications in your look, breath, and capability to chew foods which leads to a chain reaction of multiple challenges.

False belief: Bleeding gums are standard and not a big deal. In other words, everybody has bleeding gums and it is nothing to be concerned with.
Fact: Bleeding gums are simply one of nine warning indications of gum illness. Other signals: red, distended or painful gums; sores in your mouth; gums which have pulled from the teeth; constant bad breath; pus involving the teeth and gums (leaving halitosis); free or separating teeth; an alteration in how the teeth match together;

False belief: Treatment for gum illness is debilitating and the pain is not worth getting the treatment.
Fact: Processes including local anaesthesia and over-the-counter medicines can help you to stay cozy during treatment.

False belief: Dental checkups should be skipped by pregnant women.
Fact: Maternity impacts teeth and gums just like other tissues in the body. Pregnant women should schedule an appointment for a periodontal evaluation to reduce the chances of damaging the gums and tissues around their teeth which may lead to them not being able to chew healthy foods which may impact the expecting mother’s health and the unborn child.

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