Grove City Dental Dentist Dr Scott Schumann Pops The Question?

Pops the question has several meanings. If a guy pops the question it means he

is looking for a commitment. If Grove City Dental dentist Dr. Scott Schumann

is saying ‘pops the question” then he is saying ‘why do people drink pop?”

Now, it is clear that most people who drink pop or soda drink it because it tastes

good to them, but what tastes good is not always good to them. Here’s why Dr. Schumann

trys to get his patients to either stop drinking pop or at least if you must drink

pop then you really must drink it with a straw.

Dr. Schumann shared ” Most people who drink pop never consider exactly how bad

it is for you. For example many people know that there is sugar in the drink

and that sugar is not good for your teeth, but the real danger of pop is the

pH balance of the pop. For example the pH of many drinks is the same as the

pH of vinegar! Now that is very acidic.”

It makes sense that acidic value of a drink will impact your teeth, but

here’s how Dr. Schumann explains the impact of the pH or acidic aspect

of soda: ” The acid or basically the pH oxidizes whatever it comes in

contact with so when you think about it like this it will help

you understand what you are doing when you drink pop – If you put:

vinegar on iron or metal it will oxidize the metal and that means it

will rust much quicker. Now if vinegar will rust metal quicker and if the pH of

soda is the same as vinegar can you imagine the damage the pH is doing

to your teeth?”

Dr. Schumann continues: “And when you consider how many

soda manufacturers use high fructose corn syrup to sweeten

the drinks then they are introducing even more damaging ingredients

for your body because this ingredient basically acts like

a vacuum that pulls chromium out of your system. Chromium has

an impact on your blood sugar levels for your body so in short

the effect is not good”

But what about the diet soda drinkers?  “Diet pop is

just as bad” says Dr Schumann. “Diet pop is in many ways

even worse than regular!” ” The way the diet pop ingredients

break down when consumed basically can turn some of the ingredients

into methanol which is the equivalent

300px-Diet_Coke_ProductsEnglish: Diet Coke Products (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of poisoning yourself with

many studies stating may contribute to the cause of cancers”

So the long story short is it is best not to drink pop at all. In other

words “pops NOT a question”, but as far as your teeth are concerned if

you can’t stop yourself from drinking your favorite pop then one way

to help limit the effects on your teeth is for you to drink the pop

with a straw. It sounds odd, but make sense when you consider the way

the straw will help the harmful liquid from being completely exposed

to your teeth. Dr Schumann concludes: “I wish people would stop drinking

any of the drinks that are harmful, but if you must then a small step

such as drinking with a straw can help your teeth by limiting the exposure

so drink with a straw please”

If you’d like to see the level of pH in your favorite beverage Dr. Schumann’s

office Grove City Dental will gladly test your drink for you for free. Just

stop by the office and bring your favorite pop or sports drink or whatever

energy drink that you desire and we’ll be glad to give you an idea of the

pH level. The test is not exact, but you will have a significantly better

idea of the pH levels you’re exposing your teeth to and this may help

you to create the habit of drinking with a straw. 


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