There are more considerations than you’d think when working with a mouthwash. We know that that there are always

going to be exceptions, but overall Grove City Dental feels that OxyFresh provides a great solution for people

who want great results from their mouth wash. Below is a great explanation as to why OxyFresh mouth rinse is

a winning choice. Grove City Dental believes that “healthy smiles support healthy bodies” and Oxyfresh provides

insights as to why this is true.

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A great smile does more than just brighten your appearance. Mounting evidence shows that a healthy smile can also support total body health. With an overwhelming number of dental products lining store shelves, making an informed decision on what to use can be daunting. Consumers are bombarded with mouth rinses containing dyes that can stain teeth and dental work, alcohol that can worsen bad breath and dry tissues, and harsh abrasives that can cause unnecessary wear on enamel. For more than 26 years, we’ve been diligent in redefining dental health care with safe and effective ingredients that will preserve your pearly whites and support your overall health!

5 Ways to a Healthier, Brighter Smile

1. CoQ10 — the mouth-body connection

Research has shown, and experts agree, that there is an association between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why we created a unique nutritional formula to safeguard your dental health and your body. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound that has been shown to neutralize the destructive effects of free-radicals (cellular damage) in the body, increase energy production in vital organs, and support metabolic cell function. CoQ10 levels in the body slowly diminish as we age. Now you can bullet-proof your immune system with a powerfully enhanced supplement that will restore nutrients essential in supporting vital systems in your body.

2. Oxygene® — the secret weapon in eliminating odors

Oxygene is the exclusive ingredient found in our revolutionary odor-fighting dental products. It is what makes Oxyfresh dental products the No. 1 choice for freshening breath among leading dentists and hygienists nationwide. Oxygene is activated immediately when introduced to the saliva in your mouth. The longer the solution is in contact with the oral tissues, the greater the effectiveness. Oxygene rapidly and completely oxidizes the sulfur-containing molecules, rendering them inactive and your mouth odor-free! We maintain complete control over the manufacturing process of this key ingredient to ensure the solution maintains a neutral pH and meets the highest quality standards every time.

3. Xylitol — the natural cavity-fighter

Xylitol can actually help build stronger, healthier teeth by restoring essential minerals to the tooth structure. With a healthy neutral pH and salivary flow, calcium and phosphate ions are freely delivered to the enamel — including areas of weakened enamel. These minerals support the tooth in repair and remineralization. In fact, research has shown a reversal of early stages of damage to the enamel with a prolonged use of xylitol.

4. Clear Rinses — to maintain whiter teeth

Ever notice the colorful mouth rinses lining store shelves? Or how they are attractively splashed all over television commercials? Artificial dyes and colorings are intentionally added to commercial mouth rinses to attract your attention. Unfortunately, an attractive red, blue, or green dye is not so attractive on your teeth, or the investment of your dental work. Dyes stain! In fact, they can permanently stain tooth-colored bonding materials. While advertisers are busy competing for your attention, you can be confident knowing we spend our time formulating the highest quality, professional-grade dental products that deliver results.

5. Alcohol-free — safe for the entire family

Most commercial mouth rinses contain an alarmingly high percentage of alcohol (up to 27%). The use of alcohol has reportedly been responsible for burning, irritating, and even degrading the hardness of tooth-colored filling. Another harmful effect linked with alcohol is the dryness of oral tissues. Maintaining moisture and a healthy salivary flow provides essential nutrients to the teeth and tissues, assisting in digestion, reducing bacteria, and naturally washing away food particles, as well as reducing the risk of cavities. Additionally, the dryness caused by alcohol can encourage more odor-causing bacteria to accumulate, making a bad breath problem even worse. Keep in mind, there is a large population currently suffering from dry mouth symptoms as a result of certain medical conditions, aging, medications, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments. The use of alcohol with these individuals can increase the severity of their symptoms, producing harmful side effects.

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