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I was reading my email the other day and came across a good article talking about how children will model what you do more than do what you say. This is something that we’ve all known for years. So why not pass along a great habit of having great dental habits? Below is the article that I was reading and I believe you will find it helpful if you have kids. Please feel free to call Grove City Dental if you have any questions regarding your own or your child’s dental care and needs. Here’s the article written by Oxyfresh.com



Kids look to adults for guidance. They see the decisions we make – the food we eat, how much value we place on dental hygiene, the relationships we have with our dentist, the products we choose to trust – and follow our lead. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, making NOW the ideal time to demonstrate the importance of proper daily oral care … and for those whose “children” are furry and four-legged, you’re not off the hook – it is also National Pet Dental Health Month. So, check out our amazing Dental Products, stay positive, and teach the kids in your life to brighten their smile with a smile of your own.


5 Ways to Give Your Children the Best Oral Health

1. Know when to bring your child in for their first Dental visit.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), your child’s first Dental visit should occur shortly after their first tooth appears.

Maintaining optimum health for their first set of teeth is critical and serves to: aid in speech development and proper chewing habits; promote better digestion and nutrition; and help maintain space until the permanent teeth are ready to emerge. Get your children an early start in Dental Care – it is key to healthy teeth and establishing good oral health habits that will remain with your child for a lifetime.

2. Do what you can to prevent cavities

in your child’s teeth.

There are several primary factors that aid in the prevention of tooth decay:

• Implement at-home oral hygiene practices: brush with a fluoridated toothpaste twice a day – our

Fluoride Formula Toothpaste is perfect for this – and floss once a day.

• Limit snacking on sugary foods and drinks, and fermentable carbohydrates such as crackers, chips, and breads.

• Maintain regular Dental check-ups.

• Have sealants (protective coatings) placed on their teeth, when advised.

3. Get your child to brush at bedtime.

The earlier you begin healthy teeth-cleaning routines for your children, the better. Bedtime brushing should be a fun and easy way to educate your children about the importance of good oral hygiene. Children watch their parents closely with everything they learn, and brushing is no different. Set a good example – start by showing them our Scrape, Brush, and Rinse method! Scrape with our highly effective Oolitt® Tongue Scrapers, Brush with one of our bad-breath fighting toothpastes – like our Original Formula Toothpaste, and Rinse with one of our bacteria-preventing mouthrinses – such as our Fresh Mint Mouthrinse … model the behavior you wish to see in your children when it comes to daily oral care!

4. Know when your child should start

using mouthrinses.

According to the American Dental Associations (ADA), the use of fluoride mouthrinses is not recommended for children six and younger because they may swallow the rinse. Always check the manufacturer’s label for precautions and age recommendations, and talk to your dentist. Clinical studies indicate that regular use of a fluoride mouthrinse, such as our Fluoride with Fresh Mint Mouthrinse, can provide additional protection against cavities. What better reason for you and your children to get in the habit of using a mouthrinse regularly, in addition to brushing and flossing.

5. Take your child to a Pediatric Dentist.

Pediatric Dentists specialize in the Dental Care and attention of infants and small children, through adolescence. Pediatrics requires two to three years of specialized training, following a standard Dental program. They are prepared for the unique needs and care many children often require. Initial exposure to the Dentist can be overwhelming for a child. Pediatric Dentists have the benefit of creating an office environment designed specifically with children in mind … giving your child the best experience possible.

Closing Thoughts

The oral health of our children should be a year-round concern, but it never hurts to get a reminder. Use National Children’s Dental Health Month as the catalyst for changing the way your children think about Dental Care … and get them the products they need too! Trust us. They will thank you for it later.”


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