Every time somebody comes to Grove City Dental it is our goal to make their experience just that -An Experience and not just a visit. And with the exception of cases and times when there are emergencies that may cause our valued patients to have to wait longer than we’d like for them to have to wait we really are delivering a new experience for a dental visit.

Is there room to improve? That answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and that is one of the many reasons we ask our patients for ways for us to improve their experience.

But overall, the majority of our patients share their experiences like what you see below. If you want to discover the Grove City Dental experience and get a sexy new smile then you need to call Grove City Dental today! We can’t wait to help you get a 100% healthy mouth plus get the sensational sexy smile of your dreams. By the way, be sure to leave us your thoughts about what you read below.

Real Stories from Real People:

“My experience today having my wisdom tooth pulled out today was [an] experience that goes against society views of pain”

“I came in with bad tooth ache. They set me up with appointment right away. I am very nervous and in pain. Everyone was very nice and took good care of me. Dr. Schumann is very good at what he does. He takes care of your emotions as well as your dental needs. He is great. And everyone else is great too. The tooth came out and I did not even feel it. Wow!”  K. Ramsey


“Had a lot of anxiety coming into the cleaning once the procedure stared I was very relaxed and able to tolerate the deep cleaning and have two teeth extracted. Kristen, Marilyn and Jenn were great! They helped to keep me calm the whole time. From this experience I look forward to the next procedure. Renee D.

“I was woken up from the pain of my tooth. I called Grove City Dental [and] got the appointment same day. So thankful because I needed immediate relief. My tooth wasn’t numb enough the first time and they stopped and numbed me up some more. I appreciate that so much because I’m so sensitive to pain. Most other dental places I’ve been to just keep working and tell you ‘it’s the pressure’, but here they listened.”   D. O. –


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