Dec 30, 2011

I am often asked the question: “What can I do to make my teeth whiter?” or “What can I do to reduce the cavities?” or “What can I do to (You fill in the blank  regarding dental care)?” and the answer 9 times out of 10 is really just paying attention to the basics.

Just like in life the basics is 90% of the success of the most complicated and the most simple things in life.

If most people would just consistently floss and brush using the techniques we teach here at Grove City Dental then the overwhelming majority of the issues we see here on a daily basis can be significantly reduces.

Please don’t get me wrong because I do realize that in a number of cases life circumstances has been the overriding factor in their dental health, but a good number of people that we see can dramatically improve their dental health by simply doing the the basics.

And there really is not a better time to start than right now.

On the verge of a new year and you can add the basics to dental health to your list of new year’s resolutions.

I’ve done some research and there are a number of great websites to provide you with very helpful information. The first site I will recommend for the best dentist in Grove City is obviously my own website right here at You will also find some great basic teeth cleaning information online simply by doing a search.

I realize that prevention is not popular in our society and too often it requires a disaster to make us take actions, but as a dentist in Grove City, Ohio I have a goal of helping all of my patients achieve a 100% healthy mouth and a great starting point for that goal is to get people to do the basic dental care items such as brushing properly and flossing properly.


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