If you have to ask the question: “Does my breath stink?” then the answer is probably YES! If you never ask the question ‘does my breath stink?’ then the answer is DEFINITELY Yes! Because we are constantly putting things in our mouths that require specific care to be sure that you AND the people around you do not suffer from halitosis otherwise known as BAD BREATH.

Bad breathe is one of life’s most personal problems. It can break business deals, stop love in its tracks and ruin otherwise fine relationships. If you eat, drink, speak or sleep, sooner or later bad breathe will get you. Left untreated, it can make life and the lives of those around you miserable.

We recognize NATIONAL FRESH BREATHE DAY on AUGUST 6th each year. But really, having fresh breathe is critically important all year long!

Here are the top 5 myths about BAD BREATH:

1. It’s the food

…Okay, we all know that onions and garlic leave behind an offensive odor, but this is only temporary. There are no foods that can be contributed to chronic bad breathe. (did you know that bad breathe plaques nearly 40 million people a year!) This condition and distinct odor is linked to elevated levels of sulfur-producing bacteria called volatile sulfur compounds (VCSs), which typically accumulate on the rough surface on the back of the tongue. So, continue to enjoy your spicy and flavorful foods…just brush thoroughly afterward!

2. If I had bad breathe I’d know it…

Ah, wouldn’t that be a relief? Not so fast, though. Research indicated we do not have the ability to smell our own bad breathe. This is attributed to adaptation and dulling of sensation due to continual exposure. Give yourself peace of mind that your breathe is always freshest by using a mouth rinse containing and active ingredient to neutralize odor-causing VSC’s. We recommend Oxyfresh, they have odor fighting ingredients that keep you fresh for up to 6 hours! We carry it in office- but check out our website to order!

3. My stomach’s to blame…

Only on very rare occasions does bad breathe result from stomach and/or digestive problems. Studies show that nearly 85% of that nasty odor originates in the mouth. Those sulfur-producing bacteria find their way in the crevices of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth and, primarily, the surface of the tongue. That’s why keeping your breathe its freshest starts with a clean tongue where VCS’s hide deep in the pockets. Brushing only removes 45% of the bacteria.

4. Brushing will eliminate the problem..

Unfortunately not. Brushing alone is not effective in eliminating the bacteria that is responsible for bad breathe. The daily regimen for thorough cleansing should also include flossing, deep tongue cleaning and using an oral irrigation to blast away hard to reach odor causing bacteria.

5. Mouthwash will rinse away my bad breathe…

If only it were that easy. A majority of store-bought mouth rinses are ineffective and actually worsen bad breathe. The problem is, most of these heavily advertised products simply hide mouth odors- or worse yet, compound the problem with moisture rubbing alcohol (up to 27%) and short- lived flavor additives. When alcohol is used to “kill the germs that cause bad breath”, as touted by nationally advertised brands those products are actually fueling the carrier of bad breathe by producing more dead bacteria.

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