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same-day-dentistry-grovecitydentalGrove City Dental offers same day crowns and that means convenience for you! The cutting edge technology that allows Grove City Dental to do same day crowns is called the E4D. The process is truly amazing and extremely accurate ans simple for the patient.

Emergency dental needs arise in situations when maybe your crown becomes unseated or cracked due to eating food or possibly hard candy. And of course there are a number of other dental emergencies that may create a need for same day dentistry and Grove City Dental is a great choice for your same day dentistry needs.

Here is what a recent patient had to say regarding Grove City Dental same day crowns:

“Just a note to let you know of my experiences at (Grove City Dental) G.C. Dental with Leann. Each time visited at your office I have been treated with friendliness and professionalism. My most recent experience today was to correct or replace a crown that came unseated. Leann made the assessement that a new crown w

ould beed to be milled due to my cracking the crown chewing food. The end result was pleasant and quick. I was in and out same day with a new crown!!

Thank you again for providing a top level of professinalism and comfort during treatment

Sincerely Tom Shugars”

It is always exciting to help my patients and when I can provide the level of speed and comfort afforded by the new E4D it makes it even more exciting

Be sure to ask about the other services that we can provide using this cuttting edge technology including some really cool cosmetic dentistry benefits.. Normally, we would have had to put a temporary crown on and send the broken crown off to the lab for another crown to be made. This can sometimes take weeks, but not anymore! Same day crowns saves time, money, and frustration for our patients.

We are excited to provide top level services for you and your family too. Give us a call today at 614-808-1700.


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