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Scott Schumann DDS Shares Surprising Story From A Former Military Dental Patient

I don’t know about you, but I honestly feel and believe that we live in the greatest country on earth. Now, I must confess that I’m not shy about my political beliefs and if you have the time and are inclined to discuss politics then I’ll bend your ear for sure on why I think like I think. Yet, I never discount another person’s belief and that is one of the many things that makes our country so great!

But one of the biggest reasons we live in such an amazing place is because of the sacrifices made by the members or our military force. One of my employees is in the military and we look forward to her return to Grove City Dental hopefully in November of this year. I am truly greatful for every single person who has sacrificed for the freedoms that we enjoy.

I was having a conversation recently with a patient that grew up in the military. And if you’ve ever had a dental visit that was part of the military services then you’ve probably dealt with some ‘old school’ dental treatment. As you can imagine, there would not be a lot of empathy from a military trained DDS. In fact, in their defense, they have to handle a large volume of patients with limited time so they really do have to get them in and out as quickly as possible.

Here is the story that my patient recently shared regarding her Grove City Dental appointement.

” I was a person who had grown up in the military and only seen their dentist. Which were not easy on you. They were VERY rough and uncaring. And every dentist I’ve had since has been the same.

I called Dr. Schumann’s office out of total fear due to a broken tooth. Told them how afraid I was. They had me come right over (same day). They were so kind and very caring. I had my tooth removed and stitches put in and never felt any pain. They made sure I was comfortable and totally numb before they ever started working on my tooth. I will come back. Also I highly recommend this pratice to anyone who has the least amount of fear to schedule your next dental apppointment with Dr. Schumann and his staff”

Pam M

Pam, Thank You so much for your kind words and Thank You for your family’s committment to our military. Grove city Dental is excited to serve all of your dental needs and please share this story with your friends and family, because we want to help as many people as possible get a 100% healthy mouth.

But please don’t wait until you have a broken tooth or until you have a tooth ache or need to have your wisdom teeth pulled in Grove City because the best time to come see your dentist is when you need your teeth cleaned and this type of preventitive care can save you tons of pain and money. So give Grove City Dental a call today at 614-808-1700 and ask about our new patient specials and you too soon will be recommending Grove City Dental. – See more at: http://grovecitydental.com/blog/scott-schumann-dds-shares-surprising-story-former-military-dental-patient/#sthash.zs0Thvpb.dpuf


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