Hi -Do You Need Dental sedation in Columbus Ohio Area?

Millions of people around the world still fear of going to the dentist so if you’re a sedation dentistry Columbus, Ohio resident you are not alone. In fact, between 10%-15% of Americans say they try to avoid dentist visits because of fear and anxiety in thinking about the various procedures that the dentist has to perform on them. Some of these fears and anxieties include fears of seeing big needles being injected into one’s gums or hearing the sound of the drill or any other dental equipment being placed into one’s mouth.

Thankfully, modern dentistry has come up with a solution for sedation dentistry Columbus, Ohio residents so that  most of the fears and anxieties  encountered in visiting the dentist. So if you’re a

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sedation dentistry Columbus Ohio resident or if you may want sedation dentistry in Grove City, Oh or if you have sedation dental needs in Hilliard Ohio  you should feel comfortable because it is a simple procedure that that involves the administration of oral sedative drugs to reduce a patient’s fear and anxiety in order for dentists’ to perform various dental procedures. Grove City Dental’s dentist Dr. Scott Schumann is an excellent choice for many reasons.

The medication that is being administered to the patient puts you in a very relaxed, calm and dreamlike state to allow lengthy dental procedures being performed without the patient experiencing any discomfort.

Sedation also allows dentists to perform a lot of procedures in one sitting that would usually take a lot of sessions to perform given that dentists’ have to consider the patients’ well-being and tolerance to pain. Without sedation, patients may usually feel pain and uneasiness in sitting in a dentists’ chair with all the dental equipment being placed inside his mouth.

Dental sedation has many forms. There is oral sedation is what we provide here at Grove City Dental. It is as easy as taking a few pills and your dental sedation will “smooth over” anxieties and most often you’ll “snooze through” your visit with very little if any memory of your visit.

There are also other types of sedation dentistry such as inhalation sedation, and intravenous sedation. Inhaled sedation involves the patient inhaling nitrous oxide with oxygen through a mask that covers the nose. However nitrous oxide easily wears off thus dentists have to check on it from time to time.

Oral sedation may range from minimal to moderate depending on the dosage the patient requires. A pill is usually given to make the patient feel drowsy or be put to sleep so as not to feel anything during the entire dental procedure. Intravenous sedation or IV sedation dentistry is basically receiving drugs administered intravenously. This method is easy and hassle free to dentists because it is easy to regulate the amount of dosage the patient is receiving and does not wear off that quickly.

If you think you may be a candidate for oral sedation dental procedures then the most common sedative drugs used in patients suffering with anxiety, trauma, and belonephobia (people who fear needles and sharp objects) are valium because it has a longer half-life and it has amnesic properties, Halcion sedation dentistry, which is very effective in oral sedation, and Ativan a well-known treatment for anxiety.

Getting dental sedation may well be the solution to those people who fear going to the dentist. Being under the care of a good dentist who can perform dental sedation can calm any patient’s nerves before undergoing any dental procedure may it be a root canal or a simple tooth extraction. With this advancement in medical dentistry, the hope and goal is to be able to help more and more people will have 100% healthy smiles.

Grove City Dental is worth the short drive from surrounding areas such as Columbus, Ohio and Hilliard, Ohio because of the extra qualifications earned by Dr. Scott Schumann including receiving a fellowship in Hospital Dentistry which helps in assisting his medically compromised patients.

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