Sedation Dentistry and Same Day Dentistry Are a Match Made In Heaven? Now Made In Grove City Dental too…

May I  be frank? NOBODY likes going to dentists! I realize that and understand that too, and to be honest I don’t blame you. I don’t fault you at all. Having said that, would you agree with me that it would make sense to be able to make as few visits to the dentist as possible, but still get the best possible dental care? What I just described are two of the best reasons for choosing Grove City Dental and our great combination of Same Day Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry.


Just like most individuals, making the effort to take care of yourself can often be challenging. You’ve got the continuous active work schedules, conferences, and family routines, finding time for great dental hygiene occasionally slides off your concern listing. I understand, because I have some of my close friends who I see all of the time NEVERTHELESS providing me explanations why they could not come by to see me in my office. (You know, it’s amusing, these same individuals usually appear to take period to join me for an Ohio State sporting event or for additional social features… Hmmmm. Makes you question? 🙂 )


Among the factors patients delay or prevent needed dental care is that they are scared they may begin dental work which demands several visits and never be able to get back to complete it. If this is you then sedation dentistry is the perfect solution because Grove City Dental understands busy people like you, who want one stop convenient dental care in as few appointments as possible.


And that’s one of the chief driving forces for the implementation of the E4D Same Day Dentistry technology today being used at Grove City Dental. You probably haven’t heard about the E4D, but what this means to you as an individual is time and cash savings. PLUS, most of time you won’t need to have the items put inside your mouth that’s most commonly known as unpleasant ‘goup’. In many of the instances the gentle wand can be used to take a picture of the teeth and sophisticated technologies then is used to produce a new  crown, or veneer for you while you wait in the office. Several other dental offices have to deliver their dental work-out of the workplace and occasionally also out of the nation to China or other locations and you have to wait prolonged periods of time while  a short-term appliance or another dental product, but with the same day dentistry supplied by Grove City Dental this could be something of the past.


Same Day Crowns and Sedation Dentistry


When you need a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth, you might expect to need two or even three dental appointments in order to achieve your final result.  Well, I can say for sure that I don’t want you to have to have multiple visits and the same goes for my caring staff. It’s not that I don’t want to see you- it is just that I know that nobody wants to return to the dentist several times to restore a tooth and nobody wants to walk around with the fear of their temporary bridge falling out in public.  Now, with the E4d same day dentistry technology you can have dental crowns in one day.


Most of our patients are thrilled by the advanced technology results and they enjoy the learning process of the staff using the 3D digital scanning used to create a digital model the prepared tooth is taken which is the reason there is no need for messy impressions (this is what some people call the ‘goup’).  The dental crown is precisely milled from a single piece of porcelain while you relax or catch up on emails right in the office. In fact, Grove City Dental thinks this process is so fun that I actually installed a ‘disco ball’ equipped with fun music and the strobbing- mulit-colored lights to announce to the office that the E4D milling machine is running. Truthfully, it’s hard not to walk by the room and see the flashing lights and not find a smile crossing your face. Keeping in mind it is done in a professional fashion, but still conveys that we provide a different dental experience.


Your brand new crown is created and placed in a single visit, therefore there is no need to make time for multiple appointments and you will not have to hassle with a temporary or risk having the temporary come loose between appointments. Also the use of sedation dentistry is perfect to help you to relax if you’re in need of additional dental care so in just one or two easy visits you can catch up on years of needed dental care.


The whole Grove City Dental experience is customized with the patient’s comfort and security in mind including the Digital X-Ray Technology. Dental x-rays haven’t been more comfy, accurate or quick. Upon your coming for the visit, instant x – rays of your teeth using our digital x – ray technology can be taken by our professional dental assistants. There’s no waiting for pictures to produce, and digital x-rays produce 90% less radiation than conventional x-ray devices which means they are significantly safer in terms of exposure.


One of the studies as to why people fear going to the dentist is because of the metal used to do the poking and prodding, but that is not the case at Grove city Dental because my team  uses the Diagno-Dent Laser Cavity Detection.


In short, it saves you money because fixing a small problem always will require a smaller investment than fixing a big problem.


So I’ll conclude the same way I started by saying I understand that many people don’t like going to see the dentist. And that’s ok. And that is why Grove City Dental is a great choice for you because of the innovative technology utilized by the professionals at Grove City Dental. Great technology combined with great people who like make your dental visit as pleasurable as possible – That’s Grove City Dental. (Come see the disco ball!)


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