Do you experience a whole lot of annoyance, distress, sores and pain due to the dentures that have gotten loose due to gum recession? Do you find yourself dreading the thought of going out to eat because of the fear of having an incident with your loose dentures? Have you ever decided to act like you’re not hungry in public for fear of your dentures falling out? Do you miss the foods that you really love, but just can’t eat anymore because of your dentures? Then you should look into modern dentistry’s use of snap in dentures because the advances in

300px-Occlusal_of_denture_-_mod1English: Occlusal of a denture example. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dentistry thanks to dental impants makes old dentures a thing of the past and new dentures literally a ‘snap’.

The successful positioning of snap-on dentures offers relief to you from issues of old-fashioned dentures and assists you to have the big confident smile you deserve to have and want to display in public, without worrying about slippage or pinching. Snap In or Snap On Dentures Have Options:

The snap on dentures is a fantastic choice for the person who really dislikes the feeling of a denture to the palate (the roof of the mouth). Many people don’t realize that the palate or roof of  your mouth actually impacts your ability to taste and truly enjoy foods so when a denture that covers your palate is used then you literally can’t taste foods the way they were meant to be enjoyed.  So the solution is a palateless snap on denture. These palateless snap on dentures should be connected to implants for a firmer hold. People having to substitute a few to several teeth can choose  for partials. There are various kinds of snap on dentures available on the marketplace, including complete and partial kinds. Grove City Dental can help you decide which option is best for you and your current dental situation.

What exactly are Snap-on Dentures?

Snap-on dentures snap onto implants to top of the jaw and dental implants to the lower jaw, providing powerful anchorage for a complete denture. The denture has removable attachments that snap on to the implants, enabling stability and more relaxation than a standard denture. These attachments could be snapped on-and off from your jawbone readily and easily, but they offer significantly more stable dentures than what is typically afforded by adhesives or other options.

Who will reap the benefits of Snap-on dentures?

The complete chewing surface coupled with the relaxation and durability of the denture not only makes you appealing with perfect smile but also provides a considerable increase to your confidence because of the increased assurance of knowing your teeth will do what they are intended to do and stay where they were intended to stay. A key component to the success in the use of implants is the amount of bone structure available for the implant to be adjoined. A patient with no teeth in-the jaw, but has enough bone in-the jaw to support implants may gain from a denture.  These dentures are custom created to meet your requirements and correctly fit your mouth.

Advantages of Snap On Dentures

Snap-on dentures provide a range of benefits. With the dentures you’ll have the ability to taste food flavors better. The steady and protected dentures give you improved speech clarity.

Implants stop the jawbone from resorbing. They allow you to talk confidently again and laugh freely. The snap on dentures won’t move around and you’ll not feel insecure in social affairs.

So if you think you’re ready to discover just how a custom snap on denture will work for you then you’ll want to come to an office like Grove City Dental because we’ve helped so many other people who felt that they were stuck with the old fashioned clicking and falling out dentures. But after coming to Grove City Dental they feel in many ways as though they have a new lease on life. We would value the opportunity to talk about your options so give us a call and ask to speak with Jamie. Call 614-808-1700 for a non-judgemental embarrassment free comfortable conversation about how

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