Poor Dental Care Can Contribute To Your Poor Health?

Did you know you may still have dangerous bacteria growing within the mouth area, even though you brush your teeth daily? Not only could that cause periodontitis (a type of gum disease with symptoms such as bleeding when you brush and gum pain), but studies also find a link between poor oral hygiene and important and very serious health problems. Here are a few ways that not taking the proper steps regarding your dental health could lead to some very dangerous and even life threatening health challenges.

300px-PET_AlzheimerEnglish: PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer’s disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. It may lead to challenges with your blood sugar. People with diabetes are far more than likely to have periodontal disease than those without diabetes. Even though this might be because diabetics are somewhat more prone to infections, there is also been research that finds gum disease could make it harder to control your blood glucose, and that treating it will help enhance diabetes symptoms.

2. It may impact your breathing. Gum disease may increase your danger of getting respiratory infections, for example chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pneumonia, agreeing with the Journal of Periodontology.

3. It might create complications with the ability to become pregnant.

4. It may hurt your heart.

People who have gum disease are almost two times as likely to have problems with coronary artery disease compared to those do not hold periodontitis. Researchers aren’t exactly sure of why this could be, but one theory is that harmful bacteria from your mouth enters your blood stream and attaches to fatty plaques in your heart’s blood vessels, leading to redness and upping your risk of clots that can trigger heart attacks.

5. Your memory may possibly suffer. Some research indicates there could be a tie between poor oral health insurance and an increased risk of dementia. One study that followed 118 nuns between the ages of 7-5 and 98 found that those with the fewest teeth were most likely to suffer dementia. Experts presume oral bacteria may propagate to the brain through cranial nerves that join to the jaw or through the bloodstream, and might contribute to the type of plaque that is been connected to Alzheimer’s.

Many times people are surprised and even shocked when they find out the many challenges that could easily be avoided by having proper dental hygiene. A visit to the dentist may not be the most pleasant thing you can think of, but it very well could lead to preventing many life threatening health challenges as well as if you’re family is having a challenge getting pregnant then you may want to look into the possibilities that your dental situation may be a contributory factor.

One of the biggest tips you really should start doing today is to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. Ironically, when I share this tip most people will say that they actually do this already, but when they take the time to actually put a clock to their brushing then they are astonished at how short of a time they are actually brushing their teeth. The 2 minute warning is given during NFL football games and I’m giving you the 2 minute warning by saying if you don’t start the 2 minute brushing tip, then you may have a greater chance of experiencing more dental and health challenges than you’d like.

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