Want A Family? Grove City Dentists SharesThe Surprising Connection Between Periodontal Disease and Infertility in Both Men and Woman:Discover The Answer To Your Questions

You may be surprised to discover that a number of studies have linked fertility issues to periodontal disease. And this link is there for both men and women. Now I’m not saying if you get great dental care like you’d receive at Grove City Dental then all of your fertility concerns will be resolved, but I am saying that getting …

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Family Dentist In Grove City Scott Schumann DDS, Shares 7 Reasons To Choose Sedation Dentistry In Grove City, Ohio 43123

Sedation Dentistry used to be something of a “secret.”  It was only available to a limited few and not widely available or affordable. All that has changed in recent years, and we’re happy to offer it at our dental practice for those who seek no-stress, comfortable, pain-free dentistry, which is why I’ve been telling you about it in these emails. …

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Grove City Dentist Has Patients Who Tells All About Grove City Dental


Every time somebody comes to Grove City Dental it is our goal to make their experience just that -An Experience and not just a visit. And with the exception of cases and times when there are emergencies that may cause our valued patients to have to wait longer than we’d like for them to have to wait we really are …

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Grove City Dentist Gets Praise From Patients At Grove City Dental

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Dr. Scott Schumann obviously loves his job because he gets to help people and change their lives for the positive. There are a number of truly life changing experiences that he has been involved in, but one patient’s experience was so powerful that the patient wanted us to share it with you. We will be providing details on that case …

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