Gaps in your teeth, chips, discoloration and other dental problems can greatly affect the quality of your life. Some find themselves embarrassed to smile openly and try to hide their teeth in public. This can lead to poor self confidence and may affect many aspects of your life, from social situations to the work place. At Grove City Dental, Dr. Scott D. Schumann and his team are specialists at restoring broken smiles.

In Bonding Your Best Option?

Gaps between teeth are not only unsightly but can lead to gum problems such as issues with periodontal disease. Plus, serious chips in the enamel can leave teeth open to infections and tooth decay. Fortunately, if you suffer from these types of dental problems, you can have your teeth expertly corrected with dental bonding. Columbus area residents are encouraged to contact Grove City Dental today to determine their best options.

Dental bonding is often the best choice for those who find themselves facing minor chips and gaps as well as defects that can be corrected without covering the entire tooth. Dr. Schumann uses an applied resin to repair the tooth defect. This can often be completed in a single office visit. Newer materials allow for a natural blending to more accurately match the color, texture, and translucency of the rest of your tooth making it impossible to tell that a treatment has been performed.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Expertly done, dental bonding offers many benefits. The first one that most patients notice is cost. Other dental procedures, such as veneers (or Lumineers) can cost $1,000 or more per tooth. This is quite an investment, especially when the damage that needs to be repaired is minor. Dental bonding typically costs substantially less than veneers.

Dental bonding also can be completed much quicker than other cosmetic procedures. With veneers, the teeth must be prepped, molded, and the actual veneer is made off site. Once it is ready for use, the patient must return for the installation procedure. Dental bonding can typically be completed in one office visit, which is substantially easier for many patients with busy schedules.

Matched to Your Natural Teeth

The material used in dental bonding is expertly matched to your natural teeth. This can help minimize and often eliminate problems with the dental work looking “fake” or “artificial”. If you are worried that your teeth will not look natural, let Dr. Schumann and the experts at Grove City Dental ensure the resin used during your procedure is a perfect match for your smile.

Dental bonding also offers an ideal solution for correcting multiple dental defects. It is an excellent way to repair a broken or damaged tooth. If you suffer from a minor dental defect, do not delay in pursuing dental treatments to correct your problems. Let Dr. Schumann give you the confidence to smile broadly and help you feel ready to take on the world.

Contact Grove City Dental today at 614-808-1700 to learn more about dental bonding or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schumann to determine whether this procedure is right for you.