Do Your Teeth Bleed When You Brush? Grove City Dental Dentists Provides Shocking Information Revealing What You Really Need To Know Part 1.

We talk to people about dentist in Grove City Ohio and surrounding areas like regarding dentist in Columbus Ohio and we are often surprised to hear that in both places, and even though they saw dentists they still sometimes believe that bleeding when brushing is normal.  They say that their gums always bleed and so do their other family member’s.  Are bleeding gums normal?

Here is a way to look at this question.

Would you think it is normal if every time you take a shower and wash your body and blood would come out of your pores?

Just from washing? Of course not-Right? And the exact same thing applies to brushing/cleaning your teeth too.

The short answer is No.  To take these a step further, when you do your research you’ll soon discover that healthy gums do not bleed with brushing. In fact, healthy gums do not bleed even whey your are flossing.

Most dentist in Grove City Ohio will agree with me when I say there needs to be more accurate information provided to the general public regarding bleeding as well as many other issues regarding obtaining 100%  healthy mouths.

Here’s the facts: Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum and bone (periodontal) disease.  This fact is reinforced over and over again each time you watch TV because you have heard of gingivitis.  Gingivitis is a very big problem that can lead to a number of very challenging health conditions. The good news is that it can be treated. In fact, as you watch TV you’ll notice that it is a multi-million- dollar industry surrounding the various types of products that are purported to eliminate gingivitis.

But there’s a catch. And here it is:

The problem is, most of the products don’t really work.  They can make your mouth “feel” clean, but the source of the gingivitis still remains. It is almost like cutting a weed off at the top but leaving the root to grow right back. It looks good for a short time, but the real ‘root’ of the challenge is still lurking behind.

Now that you know bleeding gums are not normal I will share even more information about gingivitis in my next post and provide to you 7 Things You Must Know About Gingivitis, Plus 5 More Signs You May Have Gum Disease.

Be sure to read the next blog entry and if you have questions about any of the information provided on this site, please give us a call.