Dr. Oz and Dr. Scott Schumann of Grove City Dental Agree & Disagree?

Dr. Scott Schumann

I thought I would have a little fun in response to People Magazine recently having an article about 5 Items For Healthier Living That you should have in your Fridge -and it was based on the question: ‘What Would Dr. Oz Eat?’ so here is the answer to that question with a follow up question of “What Would Dr. Scott Schumann DDS Of Grove City Dental Eat?”

Dr. Oz: 1) Fresh juice -Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are a key way to get micro-nutrients into your blood, stat!

Dr. Schumann:

Dr. Oz: 2) Wheat germ – it’s high in folate and an easy way to add a nutrient punch to a snack. Decreases cravings too.

Dr. Schumann

Dr. Oz: 3) Organic eggs-Leave in the yolk. It’s the most nutrient dense part of an egg.

Dr. Schumann

Dr. Oz: 4) Fresh herbs-Thyme and rosemary are my favorite. They’re an easy way to add luxury to even a simple dish.

Dr. Schumann

Dr. Oz: 5) Bitter greens – The secret way to get digestion going.

Dr. Schumann

So there you have it. Dr. Oz and Dr. Schumann -one sharing insights and the other sharing their fun personality! If you’re looking for a top notch dentist who has the personality of a real person and NOT the personality like watching paint dry then Grove City Dental is only one easy and convenient phone call away! Give us a call today at 614808-1700 and we will give you the Grove City Dental experience that has our clients raving about how great they look and feel after a visit to 4079 Gantz Rd Grove City, Ohio 43123.