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Here at Grove City Dental, we proudly provide quality general dentistry services to Grove City, Ohio. We are committed to providing the best patient care and service. Our dental team is here to help at every step of the way and create a unique patient experience. Our goal is always to exceed our patients’ expectations.

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How Can Grove City Dental Help?

Dr. Schumann and our staff have a philosophy of providing quality dental care and are committed to helping each patient make informed decisions about their oral health. We are located in Grove City, Ohio and find great value in serving our community. Each member of our staff cares for every person that walks through our door. We pride ourselves on treating each patient like a member of our own family.

Dental Procedures Provided at Grove City Dental

Dr. Schumann has invested the time, resources, and energy into advanced training and education in order to offer a wide range of services to our valued patients. Some of the services that we provide are:

Air Abrasion Dentistry: a fantastic treatment option for anyone who can’t stand traditional dental drills, air abrasion or microabrasion dentistry uses a stream of tiny particles to remove tooth decay.

Dental Bridge: a replacement for missing teeth using pontics (fake teeth) and supported by attaching to the natural teeth or implants on either side of the gap.

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Dental Crown: a tooth-shaped cap that we use to cover a tooth in a number of circumstances, including a dental implant, cosmetic treatment, protecting a cracked or worn tooth, and more.

Same Day Crowns: Same-day crowns can be a fantastic option for quickly treating a broken or cracked tooth. Same-day crowns can sometimes be ready in as little as 60 – 90 minutes making them ideal for getting life back to normal.

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Emergency Dentistry & After Hours Dentistry: There are just times in life when dental care is immediately needed, and in these times an emergency dentist is who you need to call.
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Fluoride Treatments: fluoride makes teeth more resistant to plaque and acid attacks and helps teeth remineralize more quickly.

Mercury Safe and Mercury Free Fillings: we offer the highest standard in filling replacements, removing and replacing old silver amalgam fillings that can leech mercury over time.

BPA Free Fillings: the same as regular composite white fillings, with the same functions but do not include the controversial BPA. These fillings come in different shades to match your natural teeth' color.

TMD Relief: treatment for a jaw problem can vary from simple measures like ice packs, exercise, and moist heat to more complex solutions like medication and splints, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound treatment, or trigger-point injections.

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Occlusal Disease Treatment: treatment for a bad bite can involve simple orthodontic treatments, mild reshaping of the teeth, restorations of worn teeth, or a combination of several treatments.

Occlusal Night Guards: sleep bruxism is a common problem and difficult to shake, so we can make you a custom occlusal night guard to protect your teeth from damage until the issue can be resolved.

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Oral Cancer Screenings: early detection through oral cancer screenings have been shown to increase the survival rate to 80% and better, which is why it’s so important to have this simple test done.
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Sedation Dentistry: for patients who experience dental anxiety or dental phobia, we offer different sedation options to help make their treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
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Sleep Apnea Treatments: this sleep disorder can have severe effects on oral health and more, and we focus on non-invasive procedures that can treat the condition before suggesting surgery.
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Grove City Dental: Your Partners in Dental Health

If you live in or near Grove City, Ohio, please consider becoming part of our dental family. We are enthusiastic about helping you with your oral health needs. You can give us a call at (614) 808-8349 or send us a quick email to set up a free consultation. Make sure to check the map before you head our way!

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