Porcelain Teeth Fillings

At Grove City Dental, Dr. Scott D. Schumann and his staff utilize the latest dental technologies to manage a variety of dental needs ranging from preventative care to cosmetic dentistry. A popular restorative procedure uses porcelain fillings to repair diseased or damaged teeth. These durable fillings allow Dr. Schumann to quickly restore a damaged tooth using a special light that immediately cures the porcelain filler.

When it comes to fillings, you can almost tell the age of a person by the type of filling in their tooth. Over the years there have been multiple types of materials used, ranging from gold and silver to today’s composites. The beauty of porcelain fillers, however, provides the ability to make the tooth look very similar to a natural tooth. Unlike the shiny grey amalgam fillings of the past, porcelain fillings can match the color of a patient’s natural teeth.

Multi Step Process

Proper work on porcelain fillings requires expertise and the skillful hands of a good family dentist. The process includes the initial cleaning out of decay and tooth material from the cavity. The porcelain material is then packed into the treated tooth, and the hardening is activated by a special laser-lamp tool.

Dr. Schumann then shapes the tooth so you experience no problems when chewing. This process uses a special marker to see the bite pattern to precisely remove the excess porcelain. When the shaping is finished, the tooth treatment is completed with a final flossing and rinse. Because of the multi-step process, it’s important for a patient to choose the right dentist office to achieve the best results. Poor work on porcelain fillings can come back to haunt a patient later, especially on teeth like molars that are used extensively for chewing.

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For those in the Grove City, South Hilliard and South West Columbus, Ohio area, working with and trusting the experts at Grove City Dental provides them critical and skilled dental care for every family member. Our services are designed to address all types of dental needs, from a child’s early preventative care to seniors needing cosmetic or restorative dental work.

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