A root canal surgery can spare you considerable pain, knock out potentially dangerous bacterial infections before they can do more damage, and even help you keep your teeth into old age instead of losing them prematurely. At Grove City Dental, we know that many people dread the standard root canal procedure. That’s why we prescribe “Pain Free Dentistry” which comes as a tremendous comfort for individuals in Grove City, South Hilliard and South West Columbus who need this important form of dental treatment.

Endodontic Surgery

A root canal is a type of endodontic (tooth pulp) surgery, and in many cases it is the only alternative to having a diseased or damaged tooth extracted. The inner portion of a tooth typically contains an inner mass called pulp as well as a nerve that relays sensations. When trauma or infection affects the pulp, painful inflammation occurs and you have a toothache.

Sometimes an abscess can also develop in the tissues surrounding the tooth. Endodontic surgery involves drilling into the pulp chamber and removing the diseased pulp and nerve. A substance known as gutta percha then replaces the pulp, and a crown is fitted over the tooth. A properly sealed root canal can enable you to keep your tooth for decades to come, which is always better than needing dentures, bridges or implants.

Dental Issues and Root Canals

If your tooth is diseased or damaged all the way down to the root, we typically prescribe root canal surgery to save the tooth, stop your pain and prevent complications. An ordinary cavity, for instance, may grow larger and larger until a major portion of the enamel has been breached by decay. This exposes the pulp chamber to food particles and bacteria, leading to abscesses and possibly even causing the tooth to fall out unless a root canal is performed in time.

Chipped, cracked or split teeth may expose a significant portion of the inner pulp to bacteria. A knocked-out or dislodged tooth may also call for root canals as part of the necessary treatment. If your tooth has been pushed out of place due to a traumatic accident, for example, Dr. Schumann may prescribe an extraction of the pulp and recommend filling the root canal after employing other preservative methods such as calcium hydroxide. This will often stabilize and save your tooth, especially if you sought treatment right away.

Pain Free Dentistry

If your teeth are overly sensitive or you suffer from “dental phobia,” rest assured that Dr. Schumann is a Pain Free Dentist. This means that our clinic prescribes conscious sedation through the use of oral medications to help you remain comfortable and relaxed during your root canal. Call 614-808-1700 or schedule or your consultation using our convenient online form.