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Same Day Dentist Columbus  

Dental pain can be agonizing. It can distract you at work or play. However, with Grove City Dental’s “E4D Dentist“, Columbus residents can have their teeth fixed and get on with their lives more quickly than ever before. Dr. Scott D. Schumann offers a broad range of same-day dental services for both emergency dental repairs as well as permanent cosmetic restorations.

Advances in Technology  

Thanks to our advanced E4D technology, Dr. Schumann’s patients no longer need to wait weeks or even days to have their dental issues addressed. Instead, they can complete every step of the process from diagnosis to treatment in just a single appointment using our progressive dental technology. With our state-of-the-art system, you can even get a crown installed the same day the dentist tells you that you need one.

In the past, you most likely had to endure a temporary solution. This often included a dentist filling your mouth with annoying impression materials used to create a mold for your restorations. Now, all of that has changed. Today at Grove City Dental, you simply sit back and relax as Dr. Schumann uses our E4D laser scanner to accurately access and measure for your replacement teeth.

Once the laser (which is as safe as the checkout wand at your grocery store) scans your mouth, the data is immediately available to use in designing your new tooth. Then, the E4D’s milling unit begins sculpting a perfect crown, filling, or veneer. As soon as it is finished, Dr. Schumann can fit your new tooth without need for a followup visit.

Dentistry for the Busy Schedule  

Our latest E4D dental technology is ideal for people with a busy schedule and those who don’t have time for a second or third appointment to get their dental work completed. If you are currently experiencing unexpected dental pain, you may be able to benefit from Same Day Dentistry at Grove City Dental. During your initial consultation, Dr. Schumann can advise you as to whether or not this technology is right for your situation. To learn more, simply contact us at 614-808-1700. Alternatively, you can use this website’s convenient contact form to book an appointment online.

Dr. Schumann and staff look forward to meeting your needs quickly and efficiently.

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