Oral Cancer Screening Near Columbus Ohio

It should not take a famous person to get cancer in order for you or your loved ones to get the very affordable and very much overlooked oral cancer screening. Grove City Dental can provide your oral cancer screening and help you to hopefully avoid late detectections, but at least the discovery of any disease would put you in a better situation than not knowing and of course it would be better than waiting too late.

The sad part is that most people are not aware that oral cancer is not only a risk for people who smoke or chew tobacco. In fact, those habits will increase your risk, but the risk is still there whether you smoke or use any other types of tobacco. Oral cancer is responsible for the death of 1 person every hour of every day. And many of these deaths probably could have been avoided if they would have had oral screenings and detection and proper treatment actions were taken.

It is a silent attacker and many cases there is no discomfort and in fact it can be painless.

The good news is that the oral screening is also painless. Grove City Dental can perform the oral screening when
you come in for your cleaning or for your new patient exam.

If you have not had your oral cancer screening in Grove City Ohio then please do not wait any longer. Give Grove City Dental a call and make sure that you are aware of what is going on in your mouth so that you can either rest more comfortably knowing all is ok or so that you can take the proper actions early enough to give you the incredibly high chance of beating oral cancer. Early detection is the key.


Below are some links where you can learn more about oral cancer and oral cancer screening. If you have any questions please give us a call and if you have not had your oral cancer screening then let Michael Douglas’ situation be your wake up call. It is VERY affordable and when you think about how the small test just may save your life then you really should take action right now and give Grove City Dental a call today. Don’t put it off. Do it for yourself and do it for your loved ones.

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