Smile Super-Charge!



Immediate teeth whitening results

If stains and discoloration are causing you to give your teeth a second glance, cosmetic dentistry can give your smile a second chance! Whitening can remove many of the day-to-day stains acquired from coffee, tea, wine, or smoking. Even teeth that have lost their sheen to fluorosis, root canal treatments, or tetracycline can now be lightened.

In one study, the darkest teeth showed the greatest whitening effect. Modern whitening techniques are so successful that the demand for the procedure has increased by over 300% in five years. We know how important your wonderful smile is to your lifestyle, your self-esteem, even your professional success.

We’re happy to offer a professional dentist-supervised whitening system. We believe it is the best and most convenient whitening treatment there is! It’s safe, effective, and fast and your teeth will be dramatically whiter.

Come and see us for a consultation and we’ll make sure your smile is as bright and happy as it can be!

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