Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Many factors work to destroy the naturally white smile we were born with. Substances such as tobacco and certain foods and drinks continually work on our teeth causing our pearly whites to fade to gray. Hot coffee and tea are especially hazardous to your smile because the increased temperature change of your teeth (hot and cold cycling) causes teeth to expand and contract. This cycling allows stains to penetrate tooth enamel. Cutting down on tea and coffee, complemented by regular brushing and flossing, can go a long way to reducing these stains, and a professional polishing will ensure that your smile shines brighter, longer.

When you need more than a polish to revitalize your bright, white smile, we have several options to help.

Philips Zoom!

Teeth whitening has never been safer, faster or more effective, thanks to Zoom!®, the very latest in-office teeth whitening. It is so effective that your smile shade could literally zoom right off the whitening charts!

Optics experts created an exclusive light technology that has the highest output of any chairside whitening lamp available. Combining this light source with Zoom! hydrogen peroxide gel creates your super-wattage smile in only 45 minutes! And these results really last!

Opalescence Go™

When you’re on the go, Opalescence Go can be the teeth whitening option you’re looking for. Each tray is preloaded with whitening gel so all you need to is pull out a new tray and wear it for as few as 15 minutes per day.

Comfortable and discreet trays require no impressions, models, or lab time, and Potassium nitrate & fluoride combine for a powerhouse whitening treatment that’s ready when you are.

Glo Science

At home touchups are easier than ever with Glo Science. Patented warming and LED light technology combine for faster results with less sensitivity. USB connectivity lets you control your device, preview results, schedule treatments, time your treatment, and get reminders when it’s time to touchup your beautiful smile. You even get a shade guide and preview option, so you always know what your teeth will look like before you start whitening.

Smile Perfected™

For lighter whitening needs, we also offer Smile Perfected. This a 20-minute in office treatment is usually paired with a cleaning. It can achieve 3-4 shades with no sensitivity! We always recommend that your teeth whitening treatments coincide with a dental hygiene visit because your teeth are at their cleanest. The comfortable pre-filled tray takes less than a minute to set up, then you sit back and relax for 20 minutes while the LED lighting technology takes care of the rest. The best part? The gel actually tastes great!

Whitening for Life

To support you in your desire for excellent oral health – with a beautiful white smile – we’re happy to offer our Whitening For Life Program. Simply attend your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments so we can ensure your teeth are clean and your gums are healthy, and we’ll send you home with a take-home whitening kit for free!

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