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Sports Mouth Guards  

If you have always thought of mouth guards as being exclusively for the use of hockey players, football players or boxers, Dr. Scott Schumann at Grove City Dental has a surprise for you — several surprises, in fact. Our clinic offers an entire line of sports mouth guard protection called ArmourBite. These mouth guards are primarily used, not for protection from blows, but to help your jaw remain in an optimal position without clenching.

Three Models of ArmourBite Guards  

We offer three different models of ArmourBite products including:

  • UA Performance Mouthpiece – This sports mouth guard is a comfortable choice for general non-contact sports.
  • UA Performance Mouthguard  – Players of hard-hitting contact sports will like this mouth guard’s anti-clenching support and protection from blows or jolts.
  • UA Performance Alloy Mouthpiece – For high-intensity activities, athletes may prefer the higher durability of this mouthguard with its metal reinforcement.

Maintaining optimal jaw position can actually boost your athletic performance, so if you want to get better at your favorite sport, this could be the “secret weapon” you’ve been looking for.

Prevent Athletic Bruxism  

Human beings instinctively clench their jaws when performing a strenuous physical activity, a problem known to dentists as bruxism. (Teeth grinding, in which the clenched jaw moves back and forth, is also a form of bruxism.) This reaction stems from the ancient “fight or flight” response, triggered by the parasympathetic nervous system that served our distant ancestors so well as a survival tool.

Unfortunately, jaw clenching can also impair athletic performance. It boosts production of a stress hormone called cortisol, causing your body to burn wasteful amounts of energy through unnecessary tension. The tension in the jaw also increases production of lactic acid, a by-product of muscular exertion that leaves muscles feeling painful, stiff and weak.

The fact that your jaw is clamped shut stresses your jaw joint, which can contribute to TMJ and other unwelcome problems, and it also restricts your airway, depriving your lungs of their optimal efficiency and your body of the oxygen it needs to function correctly.

Custom Fit Mouth Protection  

ArmourBite mouthguards prevent these problems by providing a precise level of cushioning support between your teeth. These lightweight devices are customized to fit your mouth perfectly so you can wear them comfortably for hours at a time. You may notice a significant difference the first time you engage in your favorite activity wearing your new sports mouth guard.

Lactic acid production is typically reduced by up to 12 percent, sparing your muscles unnecessary fatigue. Depending on which mouth guard you choose, the increased airflow and reduced stress may increase your strength by up to 17 percent. If you’re ready to improve your game, call 614-808-1700 or use our convenient form to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

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