DentistryLogoSedation Dentistry used to be something of a “secret.”  It was only available to a limited few and not widely available or affordable.

All that has changed in recent years, and we’re happy to offer it at our dental practice for those who seek no-stress, comfortable, pain-free dentistry, which is why I’ve been telling you about it in these emails.

I’d like to share with you 7 major benefits our patients tell us they receive from their Sedation Dentistry treatments.

1.  No more living with painful teeth because of fear.

2.  No shots and no needles.

3.  Sedation makes it possible to do the work of 6 to 8 appointments in only 1 or 2 when

extensive work is needed.

4.  Patients are finally able to have the attractive, healthy smile they’ve been wanting,

but have been putting off, due to their fear of the dentist.

5.  They are not be unconscious during treatment, but in a state of relaxed sedation.

6.  Patients who used to have trouble getting numb find that they respond perfectly fine

to sedation once they’re relaxed.

7.  Patients have little or no memory of the treatment – not even the sounds or smells of

the dental office which made many of them uncomfortable.

Sedation Dentistry makes many important dental improvements possible.  For example, many of our patients were fed up living with missing teeth – and they wanted a permanent solution.   Dental implants provide that solution – they’re virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, require little extra care and are much more powerful and natural than dentures.

If you’re a candidate for implants – or need any other important dental procedure you’ve been putting off – I invite you to call us at 614-808-1700 to talk about what we can do for you through the miracle of Sedation Dentistry.

I hope you’ll call and schedule a talk with us.  Please know that this is a “guilt-free” zone and we only want to help – there is no obligation.


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