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Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience. That’s why so many dental appointments are cancelled out of anxiety. If you have a fear of the dentist’s chair, you may be tempted to postpone or avoid dental treatments completely, which can complicate matters further and jeopardize your overall health. As the leading sedation dentist in Columbus, Dr. Schumann provides nervous patients with a variety of sedation options for any dental procedure. Understanding the urgent nature of some dental issues, the need for 'emergency dentist sedation' becomes clear for those who experience severe anxiety. Emergency situations often require immediate attention, and the availability of sedation options in these scenarios is crucial.

For Dr. Schumann, patient comfort is a top priority. He wants to ensure that you have the opportunity to have a stress-free dental experience with all the benefits of expert dental care. Sedation dentistry allows you to visit the dentist without the unwanted anxiety. By avoiding the anxiety, you won’t be tempted to refuse the treatments completely. We also make certain you do not feel the pain that is associated with common dental procedures. Plus, sedation dentistry will save time by allowing you to have more dental treatments completed in less visits. This approach is particularly valuable in situations requiring 'emergency dentist sedation.' Emergency dental situations can be particularly stressful and may cause significant anxiety due to their sudden nature and the pain involved.

Four Levels of Sedation Dentistry

There are four different types or levels of sedation* available:

  • Inhaled Minimum Sedation
    The lowest level of sedation is called inhaled minimal sedation. Patients who opt for this level will breathe in nitrous oxide, which is commonly known as “laughing gas”. You will remain awake while inhaling the nitrous oxide, but the gas allows you to relax. More than likely, you will be able to drive yourself home after this type of sedation, as the effect of the gas does not last long.
  • Sedative Pill
    The next level is oral sedation, which requires you to take a sedative pill. This pill will make you feel tired and groggy, and many people actually fall asleep during the dental procedure. You will need someone to drive you to and from our office.
  • IV Moderate Sedation
    The third level you can receive is a sedative drug through an IV. This allows Dr. Schumann to adjust the amount of medicine throughout the procedure in order to keep you comfortable.You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.
  • General Anesthesia
    Lastly, some patients require general anesthesia. This will put you into a deep sleep, and you will not wake up until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off completely. This may be necessary for certain oral surgery or other complex dental work. You will need someone to assist and care for you following the procedure.

NOTE:  *Unless you choose nitrous oxide or no sedation at all, you will need someone to drive.

Do You Qualify for Sedation Dentistry?

As a sedation dentist in Grove City, Dr. Schumann notes that each patient must meet certain qualifications before they can use sedation during dental treatment. Qualifications that Dr. Schumann looks for include anxiety about coming to the dentist, inability to sit still during dental treatment, minimal ability to control one’s gag reflex, and a low tolerance for pain or extremely sensitive teeth. Dr. Schumann also recommends that patients who need significant dental work performed should consider their sedation options. You are invited to discuss the possibility of sedation use during your consultation appointment. For those requiring or preferring a deeper level of sedation, our clinic offers services as a 'dentist with IV sedation.' This option allows for a more controlled sedation level, making it ideal for patients with high levels of anxiety or those undergoing more extensive dental procedures.

To find out more information about sedation dentistry, contact the experts at Grove City Dental by calling 614-808-1700 for fast service. In addition to calling today, you can also get additional information sent to you about sedation dentistry through email with our Special Report. But be sure to call first. If you're specifically interested in learning more about our services as a 'dentist with IV sedation,' be sure to mention this when you contact us. IV sedation dentistry is a part of our comprehensive approach to making your dental experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

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