Invisalign: Invisible Straightening, Visible Confidence

The Daily Invisalign Experience

For the first few days of each stage of your Invisalign treatment, you may feel minor discomfort as your teeth get used to the added pressure, similar to what traditional braces patients experience after adjustments. This is perfectly normal and a sign that the aligners are doing their job.

The difference is that with Invisalign, you may be tempted to take the aligners off to relieve the pressure. Resist that temptation, because it will delay your results! You should wear your aligners at all times during your treatment, except during meals and snacks and while brushing and flossing your teeth. Wearing them less often will make your treatment take longer.

Potential patients often ask if Invisalign will make it difficult to speak clearly. Most Invisalign patients experience very little difficulty with speaking clearly while wearing their aligners, but there will likely be an adjustment period as you get used to having them in your mouth.

Caring for Your Invisalign Trays

To clean your aligners, brush and rinse them in lukewarm water and use Invisalign Cleaning Crystals or special cleaning tablets. Make sure you’re also brushing and flossing after each meal before you re-insert your aligners.

One of the best advantages of Invisalign over traditional wire braces is that there is no banned foods list! As long as you are brushing and flossing before putting your aligners back in, you can enjoy all your favorite foods without compromising your orthodontic treatment! You also don’t have to wait until your treatment is done to pursue professional whitening options.

Need Teeth Whitening?

Gum can stick to your aligners, so it’s not a good idea to chew it while they’re in. Take your aligners out for all meals and snacks. We also discourage smoking during Invisalign treatment, as it can stain and discolor the aligners, as well as put you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Why Invisalign Over Other Products?

Invisalign is an excellent choice for your orthodontic treatment. It is a trusted brand in invisible aligners, and you’ll love the freedom of being able to take your aligners out to eat and brush your teeth. You can even view your virtual treatment plan before beginning and get a preview of what your smile will look like at the end!

Retainers After Invisalign

Retainers are crucial at the end of any orthodontic treatment, whether you’re using Invisalign or traditional wire braces because it takes time for teeth to get used to their new positions. Make sure to wear your retainers as directed by the doctor.

Keys to Invisalign Success

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The Custom Alignment Solution

Using the latest technology to scan your teeth, the dentist will take a 3D digital image. The dentist will then map out a custom Invisalign treatment plan, just for you. It’s a perfect fit! When you start wearing your invisible aligners, no one will be the wiser. Treat your crooked or misaligned teeth without the look of braces.

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