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At Grove City Dental, your dental well-being is our top priority. We strive to be more than just a dental clinic; we aim to be the family dentist in Grove City that you wholeheartedly rely on. Our commitment is deeply rooted in treating you with the same care and compassion we extend to our family members. Our approach blends kindness, a gentle touch, unwavering honesty, integrity, and the latest advancements in dental techniques and skills.

Your First Visit: What to Expect

Choosing a new dentist is a significant decision, and we understand the importance of feeling confident about your choice. Here's a glimpse of what your initial visit to Grove City Dental entails, ensuring that you receive exceptional care at an affordable cost.

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Front Desk

Welcoming Front Desk

From the moment you step into our practice, our dedicated team at the front desk will greet you with a warm smile. They will guide you through a brief yet essential "Intake Form," designed to gather crucial "housekeeping" and medical information. This form allows you to share your medical history, providing invaluable insights that shape your personalized treatment plan. These details are pivotal in ensuring you receive tailored care perfectly suited to your unique smile.


Treatment Coordination

Seamless Treatment Coordination

We understand the value of your time and convenience. Our team is committed to coordinating appointments that align with your schedule preferences. Moreover, we are readily available to address your questions comprehensively and transparently. Whether you seek clarity on treatment options, inquiries about insurance coverage, or wish to explore periodic special offers, our open lines of communication are always at your service. At Grove City Dental, our approach is rooted in honesty, and we never engage in pushy upselling of products or services that don't directly contribute to your dental health.


Hygiene & Checkup

Comprehensive Hygiene & Checkup

During your initial hygiene care visit, we allocate extra time to foster an unhurried environment. It allows us to familiarize ourselves with your smile before devising a comprehensive treatment plan. A detailed "mouth map" is crafted to provide a snapshot of your current oral health status.

Through a thorough examination and a collaborative discussion about your dental aspirations and needs, Dr. Schumann will present you with tailored care options. The visit concludes with a meticulous cleaning and polishing session, leaving you with a revitalized sensation that you'll relish.


Practice Tour

Comforting Practice Tour

Our practice tour presents a proven solution for individuals with dental anxiety stemming from past experiences. This guided tour acquaints you with our compassionate team, reception area, and restroom facilities. It offers a sneak peek into our hygienic care rooms and beyond.

Spending a mere 10 minutes before your appointment can significantly alleviate apprehensions. We also encourage you to inquire about our role as a sedation dentist in Columbus, designed to enhance your comfort during procedures.

At Grove City Dental, we aim to provide more than dental care; we offer an experience grounded in trust, quality, and comfort. Your search for a reliable Grove City dentist ends with us. Experience dentistry that genuinely cares for your smile and well-being.