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Welcome to Grove City Dental, your premier dentist in Grove City, a serene suburb southwest of Columbus, Ohio. At Grove City Dental, we are committed to providing you with a wide array of dental services designed to meet your every need in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Scott Schumann, our clinic is proud to offer an extensive range of treatments that cater to the diverse requirements of our patients. Whether you are in search of cosmetic enhancements to perfect your smile, considering dental implants for a restored bite, seeking the convenience and effectiveness of Invisalign, or requiring immediate attention through emergency dentistry, we have you covered.

Our dedication to excellence in dental care is matched by our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction. We understand the importance of a healthy, radiant smile and strive to provide personalized treatments that not only improve your dental health but also boost your confidence and overall well-being.

Join us at Grove City Dental, where your smile is our top priority. Let us transform your dental experience into one that is both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Directions to Our Practice

If you've never been to our practice, we can help you find it! Anyone coming to us from the direction of somewhere downtown like the Columbus Metropolitan Library should be able to get to us in under 15 minutes if the traffic is good. Get on Broad St heading east, then turn right onto the I-71 S on-ramp. You'll stay on the interstate all the way to Grove City, then get off on exit 100. Turn right from the off-ramp onto Stringtown Rd. Turn right onto Gantz Rd (there's a Golden Corral on the left at that intersection), and watch for us coming up on your left. Our parking lot is next to the one for Applebee's.

Interesting Facts From Columbus History

How much do you know about the city? Check your trivia knowledge against these facts:

  1. German Immigrant Heritage: In the 1800s, German immigrants significantly influenced Columbus by establishing breweries, contributing to a unique cultural identity. German Village remains a vibrant reminder of this rich heritage, reflecting the significant German presence that accounted for one-third of Columbus's population by 1865.
  2. Underground Railroad Network: Columbus played a critical role in the Underground Railroad, offering 22 stops that served as safe havens for those fleeing slavery. Landmarks like the Kelton House and the Neil estate now stand as historical markers of the city's involvement in this freedom movement.
  3. Abraham Lincoln's Historic Moment: While visiting Columbus in 1861, Abraham Lincoln received the news of his election as President of the United States. This event came shortly after he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in Cincinnati, marking a significant moment in his journey to the presidency.
  4. Civil War Contribution: Columbus made a significant contribution to the Union's efforts during the Civil War by manufacturing uniforms. This legacy is commemorated by the name of Columbus's NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, symbolizing the city's historical support for the Union army.
  5. Aviation Milestone: The world's first cargo flight landed in Columbus in 1910, marking a pivotal moment in aviation history. This flight, piloted by Philip Parmalee from Dayton to Columbus, carried silk over 65 miles, demonstrating the potential of air cargo.
  6. Educational Innovation: Columbus is home to America's first middle school, Indianola Junior High School, established in 1909. This innovative educational model aimed to reduce dropout rates by providing a bridge between elementary and high school education.
  7. Water Treatment Innovation: The "Columbus Experiment" led to the development of the world's first water treatment facility, significantly advancing public health by reducing typhus deaths. Named for local chemists and brothers, Clarence and Charles Hoover, this innovation laid the groundwork for modern water treatment methods.
Columbus from Main St. Bridge

Top image by Wikimedia user used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.