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Grove City Dental Patient Tells All About Dr. Scott Schumann DDS and Grove City Dental

People used to ask me why I choose to open my dental practice in Grove City, Ohio and I tell them all of the time it is because I LOVE WORKING IN GROVE CITY OH! If you’ve never been to Grove City, Ohio 43123 then you may not understand, so I’d like to invite you to come to Grove City Dental and experience the Grove City Dental difference then you too will love Grove City.

It is really easy to drive to my dental office because it is located right off of stringtown road which is very easy to accesss from Columbus.

The people here in Grove City are great to work with and they appreciate working with a great dental staff like I have here at Grove City Dental.

Grove City Dental offers a number of different cosmetic dentistry procedures and services as well as all general dentistry services.

And it is not uncommon for Grove City Dental to have a sedation dentistry patient in the office and our hygienist cleaning teeth and somebody getting dentures created or adjusted and wisdom teeth being pulled and xoom teeth whitening going on and having dental veneers and and and!!! I think you get the point 🙂 We do a lot on any given day and regardless of the amount of things we have going on any given day our ultimate goal is to create ‘raving fans’ of Grove City Dental. By the way, be sure to ask my staff about the benefits of sedation dentistry in Grove City and I assure you it will be an eye opener and it could just be the answer to your prayers to help you overcome any fears or anxiety of going to the dentist.

That is why it is so much fun when I have patients like Rosemary write Grove City Dental a note. This is what she said:

” I am very happy and satisfied with my wonderful smile and apperance and also with staff who was very patient with me during this procedures. There was no pain and also I was walked thru the appointment and was made to feel very comfortable.

Thanks again Dr. Schumann and staff”

Rosemary C

Rosemary I want to thank you for the opportunity to be your dentist. My staff and I always look forward to helping you and we appreciate you taking the time to share with the world how you feel about Grove City Dental’s dental service.

By the way, Grove City Dental is constantly making great dentistry offers for our new and current patients so if you are reading this information and would like to be placed on our list to be sure you receive the most current and up to date dental offers that are money saving ways for you to get top level dentistry then send us an email or better yet give us a call at 614-808-1700 and ask what the most current offer is and also ask to be placed onto the Grove City Dental mailing list. – See more at: http://grovecitydental.com/blog/grove-city-dental-patient-tells-all-about-dr-scott-schumann-dds-and-grove-city-dental/#sthash.fu6SPzsC.dpuf


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