Grove City Dentist Offers Under Armour Mouth Guards In Honor Of U.S. National Youth Sports Safety Month

Wow!! Did you know that 3 million teeth are lost because of youth sports activities, not to mention the addition of head, facial and jaw injuries each and every year?

That’s an estimate revealed in a recent study that I read, but the study said it could actually be even more. So the big question is what can you as a parent do about this-right?

There are various opinions and I will offer some thoughts to this topic. Grove City Dental offers custom mouth guards that

have amazing results. They are the Under Armour mouth guards. But they are not for everyone. If your child still has more

baby teeth than adult teeth then maybe a regular mouth guard like what you would purchase over the counter at a store may

be the best bet for you. But if your child has more adult teeth than baby teeth then the purchase of a custom made mouth

guard would and should be something for you to strongly consider. In fact, studies have shown that he proper custom made

mouth guard may even improve your child’s overall athletic performance in addition to better protection of their teeth.

So when you consider the initial purpose of protecting your child’s teeth with a custom made mouth guard combined with

the potential of enhancing their overall athletic performance then you really stand to profit from getting your child

a custom made mouth guard for baseball, basketball, and a custom made mouth guard for football.

Your teeth are worth getting a mouth guard customized. By the way, you may be surprised to discover that basketball

and baseball are the two biggest mouth-injuring sports.

How To Care For A Knocked Out Tooth

If your child experiences a mouth injury that may dislodge or break a tooth it is vital to see a professional dentist

within 24 hours. The ultimate goal would be to get the tooth back in the mouth within 30 minutes for the best chance

of having a long term survival of the tooth. If your child is old enough and aware enough to be able to not

swallow the tooth then you may want to gently and carefully place the tooth back in the socket and get to a dentist

as quickly as possible, but please to do not do this if you feel your child is too young or not aware

enough and may possibly swallow the tooth. If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket then place the

tooth in milk (NO NOT PUT THE TOOTH IN WATER) and be careful to NOT HANDLE THE TOOTH BY THE ROOT because

the root is easily damaged and that will impact the chances of successfuly saving the tooth.

Grove City, Ohio Emergency Dentist

Grove City Dental does provide emergency dental services if you or your loved ones are ever in need of emergency dental care for a knocked out tooth or a broken tooth in Grove City, Oh. But, we’d much prefer to help you prevent this type of emergency dentist need by calling 614-808-1700 to schedule a time to get

your custom mouth guard created and hopefully we never have to provide emergency dental services for you, but

please feel confident that you will receive the best professional and compassionate dental care should you

find you or your loved ones in need of emergency dental services in Grove City, Ohio or if you require emergency

dentist in Columbus, Ohio.


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