All About Dental Implants

One of the really amazing ‘modern dentistry’ innovations has been the progress in the field of dental implants. Grove City Dental provides dental implants and the patients who have received dental implants in Grove City absolutely love the results. As a dentist in Grove City, Ohio I love what the dental implants provides for my patients too for several reasons. For example, the dental implant actually significantly improves the quality of life for the patient because of the more powerful structural integrity it provides. When I talk with people and hear the stories of fear or embarrassment because they can’t eat the foods they like in public or because they can’t smile like they want to it is really difficult because I can see the pain in their faces as they talk about these very real challenges. But after they choose to get dental implants at Grove City Dental they come in with great stories about what they have been doing as well as they have vibrant confident smiles that allows them to act more freely and openly in public in regards to their eating, laughing, and overall interactions.

Many times the biggest benefits expressed by our patients are in the arena of the social impact of getting the dental implants and not just the medical/dental impact. This is not surprising when you consider how strong ‘fear’ and ’embarrassment’ emotions can be and how these emotions play a huge role in our social interactions.

7701754690_da80c9390b_mDental Implant done by Richard Browning and Amanda Santa Cruz, CA (Photo credit: safoocat)

Dental implants can be used for a number of different reasons and what I want to do in this blog entry is to provide you with a little bit of information about dental implants that may help you in your decision making process.

Dental implants are titanium fixtures inserted into the jawbone intended to support a replacement tooth or a whole set of teeth. Advances in dental techniques have made dental implants a more practical choice. More people are opting for implants and when combined with the benefits of sedation dentistry then dental implants are really a very viable and logical choice for many people. Grove City Dental provides sedation dentistry for the majority of our dental implant patients and most often the dental implant patients will share that they recall very little about the appointment as well as they recall very little discomfort.

Dental implants can be utilized for individual teeth as well as used in concert with customized dentures. What is not widely known to the public is that the dental implants are actually very healthy for you in terms helping to reduce the withdrawing or shrinkage of bone associated with the loss of a tooth.

Aesthetically, dental implants are better than dentures by stopping the shrinkage of the jawbone usually associated with loss of tooth which makes the face look older. Also, dental implants look and feel like real teeth. Because it is just like real teeth, chewing is better. A full upper denture covers the roof of the mouth, decreasing your ability to taste food but with dental implants, the roof of the mouth is completely free from obstructions. Most important of all, these implants can either be permanent or semi-permanent restorations.

It is important to note that not everyone is fit to have implants. This is because some patients have insufficient underlying bone structure. However, there are options on how to secure the implants that will make it possible or the patient can undergo bone grafting. Should the patient be qualified for an implant, the titanium implants are then inserted. A healing period will then be allowed for the jawbone to bond to the implant. After the healing period, crowns can then be attached to the implants. The whole process months depending on how quickly the healing process occurs, but when you consider the alternative of not having the quality of life dental implants will afford, then the overall time frame is really not that long at all.

The procedure might sound like there will be a lot of discomfort, but it is actually very little discomfort. Under a local anesthesia, and the combination of the sedation dentistry is why many times patients have very little recollection of any of the procedure. Proper medicine will be prescribed for post-treatment to ensure a the most comfortable recoveryj as possible. Most patients are able to resume with their normal activities-eating, shopping, chatting- on the same day. It is a matter of personal choice; some may want to take it easy in a day or two.

The good thing about Dental implants is that no matter how many teeth you have replaced, the neighboring teeth won’t be affected.

For most people, the opportunity of having real-looking, good-functioning teeth is too hard to pass that it overweighs the drawbacks to having the procedure. After all, good teeth are what most people will use to ‘judge you’ in terms of making a good first impression….We can help you make the first impression a lasting impression. Give us a call and we’ll answer your questions and help you get the smile you deserve.


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