Full-implant-restorationSame Day Crowns In Grove City Ohio? Yes, at Grove City Dental

Same day crowns or same day caps are awesome when you need emergency dental work for a broken tooth because it simply means convenience for you as a patient. Grove City Dental not only can give you a crown the same day, but we love providing this top notch service for our patients because we know how important our patients time really is and if we can avoid them having to wait for anything such as a crown then that is our goal. That was the driving force behind me making a substantial investment to aquire the cutting edge technology that now empowers the Grove City Dental staff to create same day crowns and in some cases veneers too.

Let’s face it, we live in a ‘microwave society’ where speed is convenience and convenience with quality is highly valued. This is even more amplified when a patient has a very hectic schedule and too many times a person’s schedule causes them to put off what they know is important until it becomes urgent. Grove City Dental does not want you to have to wait until your discomfort is in the ‘urgent’ category before you get the help you need and same day crowns means you no longer have to wait. For example, one of our patients loved the speed in handling his dental urgent need and this is what he said: “… Thank you so much for an excellent experience with my dental treatment. This was the most pain free tooth extraction that I have ever had (and I’ve had a few too many!) You and the doc Rock!!  p.s. And thanks for exchanging texts at 9pm to confirm my appt the next morning!”. Here at Grove City Dental we know the little things can make a big difference. Just like this patient expressed and it is our goal to continuously provide convenience for our patients.

I would like to share another recent experience with a patient.  We had one of our valued patients come to see us and he was amazed with the same day crown process and procedures. He is a truck driver who has a grueling on the road schedule that only allows him to have a very small window of time to do things such as see a dentist. In fact, his schedule is so rigorous that he only had a friday during the month and only a few hours on that Friday to get the treatment he knew he really needed. So when he came to Grove City Dental he was excited to find out that he was not going to have to wait weeks (which could turn into even longer for him because of his schedule) to get his crown for his tooth. And he was even more pleased when he was able to watch as the trained skilled professional staff at Grove City Dental explained and demonstrated how the process would occur and while he sat in the office enjoying a TV show he had not seen for what seemed like an eternity because he is on the road his crown was made to the precision requirements and it was completed so quickly that he was almost bummed out because he could not get to finish watching the episode on TV! Now that is fast! But the good news is his crown worked out perfectly and he did get to finish watching the end of the episode. But don’t just take my word for it, here are the exact words that our valued patient said in regards to his recent visit:

“Whom it may. My time off is scarce. So the whole idea of having a crown in a day is awesome. Wish I had been here sooner to finish sooner. Gentle procedure in short order IT’s GREAT!”

Can you tell he is usually in a hurry? He did not write much, but said an awful lot and we’re excited he loved the process and the appointment and we loved providing this convenience for him.

If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist for whatever reason then Grove City Dental is your solution. Same day crowns saves your weeks of walking around with a temporary and the fear of it falling out or off at a very embarrassing time so the speed of the treatment does dramatically impact your quality of life and we realize this important fact. You’ll enjoy the process and be amazed by the high tech, easy and comfortable process. Same day dentistry is one of the many modern dentistry aspects provided by Grove City Dental. You too should call to enjoy your own personal Grove City Dental experience. Call today at 614-808-1700.

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