Why Columbus and Grove City, Ohio residents give Six Month Smile rave reviews

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. It can help you impress a business associate, charm a romantic interest, and feel great about yourself! Unfortunately, crooked teeth can ruin the appearance, and the effect, of a beautiful smile. An increasingly popular solution is Six Month Smiles. This amazing orthodontic treatment has many advantages over traditional braces.

How is the Six Month system different? The name says it all: You can have a nice straight smile in a matter of months. This technique combines modern materials and proven principles of orthodontics with advanced technology. The result is nothing short of beautiful!

The benefits of Six Month Smiles include:
Treatment time varies from four to nine months
Clear and tooth colored materials make your braces very discreet
The braces are designed to work with gentle force, for maximum comfort
Accelerated straightening does not pose any more risks than traditional braces
Shorter treatment time means less risk of developing cavities behind the brackets
Residents of Columbus and Grove City, Ohio area are fortunate to have access to one of the most skilled Six Month Smiles providers. Dr. Schumann is constantly staying at the forefront of the dental industry and his years of dentistry helps to make him uniquely qualified to provide this great opportunity for you to get the smile of your dreams in as little as six sHORT months!

Virtually anyone over the age of 16 is a potential candidate for this treatment. Six Month Smiles is designed specifically for cosmetic tooth straightening. It is not intended to guide the development of growing jaws, or correct serious bite issues. However, Dr. Schuman, DDS, also offers Invisalign, which can achieve more dramatic tooth movement and bite correction.

Before recommending any treatment, the doctor will perform an examination, and discuss your goals with you. He is dedicated to delivering customized care and individual attention because he understands that each patient is different. In his office, you will never be treated like a number; you will be treated like a person. In addition to top-quality dental treatment, he and his friendly staff will give you five-star customer service.

You deserve to enjoy a fabulous smile, and a truly unique dental experience. Call us at (614) 808-1700 and schedule your appointment today.


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