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Dr. Scott D. Schumann is one of the leading dentists in the industry when it comes to oral surgery. If you have not recently been to a dentist, you will be amazed at many of the advances and techniques employed by Grove City Dental. By utilizing the latest technology and sedation dentistry, we ensure that our patients are treated efficiently, professionally, and quickly.

What Are The Benefits of Oral Surgery?

At Grove City Dental, we offer oral surgery for a range of different situations including:

  • Fractured Teeth – If you have lost any of your teeth, you may need to rely on implant dentistry to help. Whether your loss was due to trauma or you had teeth pulled due to decay, implants may be the best answer. Using E4D technology, our dentists may even be able to create your implant onsite as you relax in the chair.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth – If your wisdom teeth have not erupted in the correct alignment, you may have to have them extracted. Luckily, this procedure is one of many that can easily be completed in our office. If necessary, Dr. Schumann can prescribe sedation to help ease your anxiety during any procedure.
  • Oral Cancer – One of the most important but rarely discussed roles of a dentist is to screen your mouth for cancer. During your regular dental appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth for strange or suspicious growths. If any issues are detected, Dr. Schumann will perform a biopsy and recommend treatment as needed.
  • TMJ Pain – In some cases, you may need oral surgery to help with issues that you are experiencing in your jaw. If you have frequent headaches and constant jaw pain, you may be experiencing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain. In other cases, patients may have pain or issues that arise because their jaw bones have not developed correctly.

In some cases, Dr. Schumann can correct the dental issue with medication or therapy.

Accidents and Dental Trauma  

After an accident or injury, contact our expert dental professionals to determine your best options for a full restoration. If you have experienced facial trauma, Dr. Schumann will discuss the advantages of each dental intervention he recommends for repairing or restoring your smile. Depending on the extent of your damage, he may be able to treat you in our office, or may need to refer you to another dental professional. At Grove City Dental, we guide you toward the right solution for all your dental needs. If you think you need oral surgery or have any other dental concerns, contact us at 614-808-1700, or make an appointment online using our website’s convenient form.

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