Six Month Smiles - Straighter, Brighter Smiles, Happier Patients

They’ll Never Know You’re Fixing Your Teeth

Wanting to fix your misaligned or gapped teeth but hate the look of braces? Gapped, misaligned and generally crooked teeth can make it uncomfortable to share in the laughter and smiles of life. With that being said, traditional orthodontics (braces) have gained a reputation for being unsightly and painful.

To add to the hurdles of fixing crooked teeth they also seem to take a long time. Most people who wear braces must do so for an average of 18 months to three years. Let’s face it, that is a long time and a lot of appointments, which aren’t known as being the most comfortable. This is where 6 Month Smiles really stand out.

Six Months to Freedom

Six Month Smiles are an orthodontic alignment system that is allowing patients to fix their teeth more comfortably and in a fraction of the time. That isn’t the best part, though. Six Month Smiles are barely visible. Patients can wear their invisible aligners and forget about their teeth for a while.

As the name would suggest, Six Month Smiles fix your teeth alignment issues in less time than traditional braces. Improve your smile faster, more comfortably and with less intrusion into your life with Six Month Smiles from Grove City Dental.

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