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Straight teeth = health

We seek the maximum benefits from everything. Look at cell phones. No one thinks they’re just for calls – they’re for email, surfing, photos, and entertainment. Why should your orthodontic treatment be any different?

You can have more than just straight teeth. With Invisalign®, not only can you improve aesthetics, but more importantly, occlusion (bite), periodontal health, and overall health.

When teeth are misaligned, they can be difficult to clean. Gaps and crowding can exacerbate the buildup of bacteria, making the development of periodontal problems likely. The resulting gum disease has been linked to overall health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and a host of other systemic troubles. This illustrates the need for straighter teeth – not just for looks, but for your health.

You can even begin to reap the benefits during treatment, because with Invisalign, unlike braces that cannot be removed, aligners can be removed to eat and at cleaning times. This allows for wider nutrition options, plus proper brushing and flossing techniques which reduces your risk of periodontal and overall health problems. You can better maintain effective oral care.

Once Invisalign treatment is complete, your bite will be correct and chewing and possibly even speech improved. Realignment also relieves stress on the supporting bones and jaw joints, preventing future problems. And of course, your proud smile will be bright and beautiful.

Improve your overall health. Ask us about Invisalign today.

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