When you invest in orthodontic care, you will benefit from having an improved smile and stronger teeth that are more likely to last your lifetime. Orthodontics typically requires the use of appliances, either fixed or removable, to help straighten a person’s teeth as well as adjust the space in their mouth.

Currently, Grove City Dental relies on the Invisalign brace system with a series of clear and removable aligners which encourage the gradual movement of teeth. At each phase in the process, your teeth will shift and your mouth muscle will be retrained to match the desired shape.

Invisalign brace systems allow for straighter teeth and promotes proper jaw alignment in adult and young adult patients.

Adult Orthodontic Treatments  

Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are ideal for today’s appearance-conscious generation and offers many obvious advantages for the right patient. Since there are limitations to using the orthotics, once Dr. Scott Schumann has completed his examination, he will discuss whether you are a candidate for clear orthotic or cosmetic braces or will need a referral to an orthodontist for a more conventional approach using aggressive dental appliances such as:

Traditional Braces — Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment option. This fixed appliance typically consists of brackets, bands and wires that are affixed to the teeth in order to help them shift into the proper position. The large, awkward and gaudy metal brackets are a thing of the past. Today, patients can choose a variety of braces, and there are even clear styles to make them inconspicuous for adults who need to wear them.

Fixed Appliances — Most often, these appliances are attached to the teeth by using bands. They can be uncomfortable for the person who is wearing them, so Dr. Schumann typically only recommends these specialty orthodontic appliances in severe situations.

Removable Appliances — There are many different types of removable appliances available that were designed with the adult patient in mind. Depending on your situation, you may be required to wear your appliance all day and remove it for meals, or you may only have to wear it while you are sleeping at night

Clear Braces from Grove City Dental 

If you live in the Columbus area, consider driving to Grove City Dental for your orthodontic examination. Dr. Scott Schumann and his expert dental staff are committed to helping you find the orthodontic care that meet your needs.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Schumann can determine whether our clear braces are the best treatment approach for your corrections. Qualified adult and young adult patients can then choose to have their invisible braces fabricated and their treatment program monitored through Grove City Dental..

Now, adults and older teenage patients who want to fix their smile are able to choose the clear braces that will achieve the look that they want. To find out more about the type of orthodontic care you might need, set up a appointment with the experts at Grove City Dental. Call us at 614-808-1700 or use our convenient online form to book an appointment now.

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